$30 Kyocera Rise V. iPhone 4 (needs work, rooting, jail breaking)

I just found a virgin mobile Kyocera Rise at Target for $30, so I jumped on it thinking I would research a bit more when I get home.

I do not have a smartphone, and have never used an Android device.

I have been using an ipod touch + 1500 talk and text on my T-mobile dinosaur phone. This has been mostly fine for me, with the exception that the camera on the touch SUCKS. But is fine otherwise... EXCEPT I just shattered my iTouch :(

My brother in law gave me an old iphone 4s with a shattered back, which has a light spot on the screen. This works great as an iTouch but it is tied to ATT network. I am thinking of paying to unlock it and have the back fixed, and wondering if the screen is fixable.

However, the camera on the iphone 4 sucks, I think it has something wrong with it because it darkens pictures really badly when you use the flash.

So, I am going to need a device which is NOT BROKEN ha ha.

Enter Kyocera rise. Should I keep it? Or see if I can fix and jailbreak the iPhone?

I am on a low budget. I really wanted the Google Nexus 4 but ce la vie, they don't have em in stock. I would have paid $$$ for that. I just didn't want to pay $300 then wait 9 weeks to get one. Sigh :(

What to do, what to do..