32GB Moto X on Verizon's Edge Program?


On Verizon's site, it doesn't allow you to choose a 32 GB Moto X, without going to Moto Maker. If you go with Moto Maker, you cant use Edge. Does anyone know how to get a 32 GB X on the Edge plan? Thanks!


I think I read somewhere that you have to call Verizon customer service and they'll get you a special link or pin code or something like that. I have to jump through similar hoops because I'm on a business account, but I have to get the office manager to do it for me.


I went in the store to do this, but I also contacted Motorola's chat support. They said that they'll get the order info from Verizon, and then Motorola sends the pin to Verizon who then sends it to the customer. I haven't gotten my code yet, but I expect it's because of a weekend thing.

I'd recommend just going into the store if you have one nearby, as the wait time for phone support has been really long. Like 1hr+ for verizon.

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I ordered the 32 GB Moto X on Edge via the iconic portal on Friday but haven't yet received anything from them, despite similar instructions (wait for the PIN to arrive via Motorola). I called and they said it shouldn't be more than 24 hours, and to call back if it didn't come. The CSR didn't seem especially knowledgeable about what was going on with it, though. I expect it'll be a while before things actually get straightened out, but I hope I'm wrong.


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So.. you're basically able to do Moto maker phones on Edge through the VZ store? Didn't think that VZ would let you rent a customized phone (for resale purposes).

To confuse everything, I also have a student discount from Motorola that I was hoping I'd be able to use. Anyone know anything about that? Thanks!


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I ordered a customized phone via edge.

It was complicated and most folks didn't know how to process it. I guess since it's not an iPhone 6, Verizon did the bare minimum in terms of "training".

When you go into the store (and presumably over the phone), Verizon will have two listings for the 2nd gen Moto X. One for the 16GB ($499) and one for the 32GB ($549). If you're doing Edge, or even Edging Up, your agreement will be for either model. Once your agreement is processed, Verizon sends the order to Moto, and the Moto will send you a pin directly to your email. I got mine within a half hour from leaving the Verizon store.

You'll then go to Moto Maker and select the option of "I have a pin" or whatever it's called, it should be recognizable.

When you enter the pin, the site will know if it's good for the appropriate memory size you selected. I don't know what happens if you select 32 when your pin is for a 16 and vice versa (experiment at your own risk).

I then proceeded to "order" my phone via Moto Maker after I entered the pin, at the end, because I chose a Wood back, Motorola charged me $25+tax for that customization. I think it's not straight forward that you pay Verizon for the memory upgrade but not for the back cover upgrade, but whatever. If you're not changing the back, and you're simply customizing the color scheme, your order should come out to $0. It may still need a credit card, I am not sure.

Once you've submitted your order, Moto will let you know how long before you'll get your phone.

I order a 32GB on Friday and it says expected deliver of Oct 22. I thought it was because of the wood so I decided to change it to regular black plastic, but the delivery date didn't change, so then I figured if I'm going to wait just as long, I might as well get the Ebony. I think the delay had to do with the memory size, and not the materials. Another member of the forum (JustinHEMI) ordered a 16GB and he said his expected deliver was the 8th. My brother also ordered (albeit a different provider) a 16GB and he mentioned his delivery was expected on the 8th as well.

Also, Verizon will be singing me a pre-paid box/bag for me to mail the old Moto X, which I won't do until I have received and activated the new one.

That's the best I've got for you! Good luck!


Been on with verizon and motorola all day, and just got this gem from support:

"For some reason we are not getting the information from Verizon consumer's and our system cannot generate the codes without it."

Awesome. I'm so annoyed with this right now. If I can't get SOMEONE to send me my pin by the end of the day (which, since everything seems to be eastern is soon) I'm going to just cancel my order. Verizon and Motorola are not communicating, nor will they help me out.

Update: Motorola's support is terrible. After being on hold for almost an hour, I finally get their "expert" person. The "expert" then tells me that the Moto x doesn't require a pin. I say yes, it does- for the moto x gen 2. She then said oh, that phone isn't out yet and we don't know when it will be.

Wat. I asked if she was sure, she said yes- the moto x gen 2 is not out *for sprint.* I said that's great, but I'm calling about my order through Verizon. "yeah that's not out yet." I asked if she was sure, again, and said there are people who already have theirs. And she repeated that it was not out yet.

Pissed, I went to the Verizon store. The rep there tried so hard- he called support 4 different times, talked to his manager, and wasn't able to get the pin or even cancel the order right then.


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For ATT you dont even have the option of the 32g yet. All you can get is the 16 if you want to use NEXT which is like verizons edge. Kinda glad about that after reading all the mishaps. I just wish they sold the 32 in the store. I dont even care if i can do the motomaker i just want the freaking phone.
At around 1am I connected to vzn online support to get details on how I can order the phone. I was told I would not be able to since its a custom phone it can't be added to the Edge up plan. Needless to say I was angry. So I went to bed, woke up and on my drive into work I called the vzn store (hurrah Bluetooth) and after being put on hold for 8 mins I was told that the info I was given was wrong and that I'll have to come into the store to build it via their motomaker and then go about my way until its shipped.

Fast forward to 3pm: I went into the vzn store on my lunch break. It was slight chaos.
I finally got to talk to someone who then had to go in the back for 10 mins to figure out how to do it. I paid my remaining balance of my Edge up (20 and some change) and then we did the agreement, etc. About 5 mins after I got my pin, it provides you with a website where you enter said pin and allows you to start customizing.

Fast forward to about 8:30 pm. I get home from work launch the site and go about customizing my phone. Walnut backing, engraving, etc. I ordered the 32gb so when I got to the size it wouldn't let me choose anything else, it was locked in. Then I went to add my google account. After doing so it wiped my customization... Sigh... Guess I have to start over, so I set everything back up. Went thought the payment process. Only had to pay the 25 plus tax for the wood backing. Cool.

All in all while the Vzn monkeys were uninformed they got me the info I needed and my phone shipped last night (9/29) and will be here tomorrow (10/1).

Go to vzn tell em you want to edge up
pick size, pay off phone
get email


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Superjario18 I'm sorry you're dealing with all of this. it was a nightmare to get through the whole process. I am jealous you're getting yours so quickly... I'm still waiting :( lol


HA! Yours sounds easy - mine was even more complicated!

I want to leave Sprint and this phone is the one to make me do it. I went to the Verizon store Saturday. I can't turn off my current phone until I have a new one in my hand. First, nobody at the store thought the phone was available (everyone else in the store was there for an iPhone) and wouldn't I prefer an S5? They went into the computer system to show me it wasn't available. I went online to Moto Maker to show them it was, and Verizon showed up. More managers, more phone calls. They finally figured it out (and I was going to be able to do it through Edge) but they couldn't create an account for me because I had been on Verizon 10 years ago, and my wife still uses that account but it is tied to my SSN. I don't want to add the line to her bill because I pay for it through work. Another 2 managers, another 30 minutes. I'm told that I can get it on Edge but my wife will lose her unlimited data plan. I know that won't be acceptable. More managers, more phone calls, more time. After about an hour and a half I had done everything, when I got home I had the email with the PIN. Now, will I actually get a separate bill and will my wife keep her unlimited? Time will tell. The sales rep was nice and very patient, but no one in the store had a clue at any point in time.
Superjario18 I'm sorry you're dealing with all of this. it was a nightmare to get through the whole process. I am jealous you're getting yours so quickly... I'm still waiting :( lol

Sucky. Eh the process was a mini hell but took me only 45 mins from start to finish. I'll be posting pics of it tomorrow night.

Gl on getting yours!

RhinoDoc, sounds like you're in a crappy spot sorry to hear. Hopefully it all gets sorted for ya.

I can't wait for the black power pack thing they have to go back on sale. The other colors suck.