Justin Raney

Mar 8, 2021
I have a g power 2021 3gb 32gb. For micro sd 64gb expandable memory or storage what are is its uses? Does it simply add storage to store all photos and videos and how do you setup the phone so when pictures are taken as well as videos and saved pics videos that they go directly to the micro sd card and not the phones 32gb storage capacity?

The micro sd card is only for pictures, videos and such and not for expandable 32gb+ for apps to be used on phone correct?

Im at 22gb not out of 32gb phone storage capacity with 6 extra apps installed since i bought the phone last week.

Will the micro sd card allow for more app making it a 64gb or only for photos videos etc.

And how do you set it up so all photos and videos saved on phone go to the micro sd card which i guess would be removed from phone once removing the micro sd card.

Thanks guys. Trying to figure out how to install a 32gb-64gb 8$ micro sd card from best buy to have all photos taken from phone as well as videos saved to it directly and not my phone stored files in the internal 32gb phone capacity. It leaves more room for apps.
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Looks like there are two versions of that phone, you got the one with less memory-
You would have been better off with the 64GB version but too late now unless you can exchange it.
Unfortunately that 32GB of internal storage is going to fill up quickly as you install apps and they accumulate data and cache files. If you look in the settings for your camera there should be an option for where to save photos and videos, if so you can set that to the SD card. If there is no such setting then you may be out of luck unless you can find a third-party camera app that allows this.
In any case the SD card is only for media and file storage and not for installing apps.
Yes i had originallyy purchased the GLOWING BLUE color phone because of the color 3gb 32gb for 109.99$ best buys black friday sale when it said it would take 2 weeks to deliver i went ahead and picked up the flash grey 4gb 64gb phone for 129.99$ i should have kept it i went to the best buy store as the glowing blue phone arrived a week later free shipping to home when i got to best buy there was no paper receipt to return it just a sticker on the box with shipping address and thru my best buy account the phone was read as not delivered yet so i couldnt hit the return button for a return receipt. As i needed a phone pretty quick i had both and went to the store new in boxes and they were having a hard time returning the 3gb 32gb glowing blue shipped to home phone and as i had the 4gb 64gb new in box receipt i was forced into the situation of returning one of the phones. I shouldve kept the 64gb flash grey but best buy was making it hard to return the ordered online phone.

So i went ahead returned the 20$ extra 4gb 64gb flash grey model wish i had kept that one instead.

They have up to 512gb external storage or memory.

Best buy has a 32-64gb 8$ micro SD card id like to purchase and have all photos, videos, downloaded photos, videos saved to the 32-64gb sd card,

The phone comes with about 19gb taken up new out of the box. I had erased 3-4 apps i certainly wouldnt need and have downloaded 5-6 apps i usually use and am at 21gb leaves me about 10gb left. I dont want the space taken up by photos or videos i take or download to the phone.

I dont use many apps until my birthday when they have free items i usually download 10+ restaurant food apps to redeem the items instore around august. Should have just enough space for those as they are 100-200mb shouldnt take but 3-4gb max for the additional apps that i may use.

Yeah was wondering why they had a 512gb external storage micro sd option so its just for files, photos, videos and such. Thanks for your help. Ill have to figure out if theres a way install the micro sd card and have them saved to that when using the phone for photos or videos.
Okay so under camera settings storage click the micro sd card and all photos, videos taken will be saved to the micro sd card? and not to the phones 32gb capacity?

I attached a photo.


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It should, try it and see. Note that even if that does change the storage location it may not move any existing photos or videos you already have, you may need to move those manually from the internal storage to the card.
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Do you know how to move photos? Maybe select all see if theres a transfer or move to icon option?

Best buy has a 32gb or 64gb i think it is micro sd card with adapter for laptop plug in for 7$. I think ill try that as photos take up alot of space.
我有 ag power 2021 3gb 32gb。对于 micro sd 64gb 可扩展内存或存储,它的用途是什么?它是否只是添加存储空间来存储所有照片和视频?如何设置手机,以便在拍摄照片以及视频和保存的图片视频时,它们直接进入微型 SD 卡,而不是手机的 32gb 存储容量?

micro sd 卡只能用于图片、视频等,不能扩展 32gb+ 用于手机上使用的应用程序,对吗?

自从我上周购买手机以来,我的手机存储容量为 22gb,还安装了 6 个额外的应用程序,容量为 32gb。

micro sd 卡是否允许更多应用程序使其成为 64gb 或仅用于照片视频等。

你如何设置它以便所有保存在手机上的照片和视频都进入微型 SD 卡,我想一旦移除微型 SD 卡就会从手机中删除。

多谢你们。试图弄清楚如何从百思买安装一张 32gb-64gb 8 美元的微型 SD 卡,以便将所有从手机拍摄的照片和视频直接保存到它,而不是我的手机将文件存储在内部 32gb 手机容量中。它为应用程序留出了更多空间。
Early mobile phones could install applications on the SD card, but now the new version of the mobile phone cannot do so. We can change the default storage location to SD card through the settings of the application. Why would you buy a phone with such little storage, as a backup?
Early mobile phones could install applications on the SD card, but now the new version of the mobile phone cannot do so.
Not entirely true. There are in fact 2 "official" ways of moving apps to SD, though not all phones support them.

The original version (introduced around Android 2.1 or so, improved a little in 2.3) was actually dropped by Google many years ago, but often kept by manufacturers. This would move part of an app to a folder on the SD card (the apk and shared object libraries), leaving other parts (including all data) in internal storage. This is the one where you'd have a "move to SD" button in Settings > Apps.

The more recent version, introduced in Android 6, allows you to "adopt" the SD card as part of the internal storage, reformatting the card "as internal" and encrypting it, allowing it to be used the same way as the internal storage (and no longer portable to other devices).

But as I say, not all manufacturers support either, and some do only on some devices. And frankly both have limits, and neither is really a substitute for having enough internal storage in the first place.
32 gb is a bit of storage i used a zte quest 5 before this with 16gb. The main thing is putting in a 32gb sd card and under camera saves to sd card that way photos videos arent saved on the device which takes up alot of gb.

With the apps i use im at 22gb leaves me 10gb extra. Id like to put all photos videos i take with the phone on a 32gb sd card. Best buy has the sd card and adapter for 8$ i think 32gb im going to pick one up and under camera select save to sd card.

With 22gb and the 7 apps i use on almost all the phones i had leaves me 10gb extra if i can get the photos and videos to be saved to the sd card.

That should be just enough.
The camera has an option for saving to sd card. And files select all photos has an option to move all to "internal storage" im guessing if i had an sd card inserted then it would possibly have the move to sd card option.

That would leave me with 22gb taken up with 7 apps i use that dont come installed on the phone and 10gb free.

One thing i will say is my zte quest 5 would often crash and this one has snapdragon 662 processor either 2.0ghz motorola had told me and seems alot faster then the 16gb quest 5. It is a bit larger by 1.5"