3800mAh Extended Battery with Battery Cover

So i recently ordered an extended battery from tmart.com that came with a black plastic battery cover. After i fully charged the battery and gave it a try to see how long it would last me and im pretty surprised with the results i got. I had double the battery life that i would usually get from my original battery. For being such a cheap price for the battery i think its worth it, The only thing i didnt like was the feel of the battery cover because i always have my phone case on. ( My phone likes to slip out of my hands.) Other than that its pretty good deal.

Cant post link or pics because im a new member but i will as soon as i can.


I bought a 3800mAh battery a little over a year ago. At first it worked great. Gradually the performance diminished month by month. It is now unusable. Holds a charge for less than 2 hours.