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3banana Notes: Fantastic application for notes on the go.

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by samad64, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. samad64

    samad64 Guest
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    Have you ever had something important to remember, only to forget it by the time you get a chance to write it down? It has happened to me.. quite a bit actually. It's a no-fun, frustrating, and stressful event that I used to go through on a frequent basis. I no longer have to worry about it thanks to this note-taking application.

    I tried several apps, but I stuck with 3banana for several reasons.

    Features: Free!! Can't argue with that.
    Online Sync: Never forget a note again, even if you lose your phone. Access the snaptic website to view your notes! You can create a snaptic account, or simply link it to your gmail. I am using the latter.
    Widget: Quickly add a new note on the go. No need to scroll through application lists to find this app.
    Hash Tags: Use these to organize your notes. You can view notes grouped by these tags under Menu -> Labels.
    Add Photos into your notes: Take a quick pic and embed it in the note. You can even put some additional details in the note regarding the photo you took.
    Pin notes to the home screen: Very useful in my case. I have a to-do list that I keep on my home screen. Simply tapping on the icon brings up my to-do list, and allows me to view/edit the note.

    What they can improve on:
    Automatic syncing of notes. I've noticed that in order to get my notes to show up online, I must manually sync. This can be a hassle sometimes, especially if I'm in a rush and forget to click it. Auto-sync after each edit or on a periodic basis would be significantly helpful.

    Draw a note: Instead of typing, let me use my fingers to draw out whatever it is I'm noting down. Not a big issue since most people won't use it, but can be helpful for those who remember by sketches instead of text.

    Note Collaboration: This is outside the scope of the application, but would be a neat feature. Allowing users to share notes, edit them, and be able to view changes would almost be like having Google Docs on the phone itself (minus all the formatting options)

    All in all, its a great note taking application. I've found it useful for those quick notes on the go, as well as taking notes in the classroom as I can access them anywhere. And since it's linked to my gmail account, I simply visit the snaptic site while logged into my e-mail and the notes show up.

    And best of all, it's free. No charge for the app, no charge for sync, and no more frustration. Can't get any better than that!!!


  2. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Android Expert
    Jun 17, 2010

    Jun 17, 2010
    Houston, TX
    Where do they appear in your Gmail account?

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