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3banana Notes: Great organizational tool for forgetful minds

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by cromag_rickmanus, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Nov 18, 2009

    Nov 18, 2009
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    If you’re like me, then you have the obsessive need to keep organized. To-Do lists, reference lists, friendly reminders, all useful tools now at our disposal with our precious, expensive, shiny gadgets. One app that successfully harnesses the power of the smartphone camera, barcode scanner, and information storage capabilities of Android is called 3Banana Notes, and is available in the Android market today.

    3Banana Notes is a (wait for it) NOTE taking app. Not surprisingly, there’s much more to it than it’s name implies. For starters, 3Banana is one of the most user-friendly note taking apps out there with simple new-note access, as well as easy editing and search of current notes. It has the ability to store picture notes, as well as read 2D barcodes (with the help of a free download of barcode scanner from the market). It can sync with a free 3Banana online account for those unfortunate times when your smartphone’s internal memory goes MIA, but also keeps a local version for quick loading/editing (something competing note apps lack). You can pin a chosen note to your home screen, you can copy and paste notes, you can even label your notes with key words to group them together for quicker access. Also, 3Banana cares enough to automatically make any phone number or email address a link inside your notes for quick access to the relevant contact, as well as location-tag your new entries.

    The interface is clean, the settings are easy to understand, and it even comes with a handy 1x4 widget for quick new note taking. See something that inspires your next great project? Photo note. Have a big grocery list? 3Banana’s got you covered. Have lots of logins/passwords to keep track of? Don’t do that, because 3Banana doesn’t have secure notes.

    There are plenty of note-taking apps out there, but for a free download like 3Banana, nobody does it better.

    Pros: Widget for quick access to app/new note/photo
    Copy and paste within notes
    Free online sync with 3Banana account
    Simple and easy UI / settings
    Quick link for phone numbers and email addresses
    Label your notes to organize them
    Note Search
    Note Location Tagging

    Cons: As of yet, no security features for *ahem… private notes. (note: the website claims secure notes, but they refer to the inability for someone to access your notes with anything other than your phone. Locally, all a snoop would have to do is open the app on your phone, so keep it close!) Scrolling through notes for editing and cursor placement can be frustrating sometimes, it can jump around on you. No option for sorting notes by date/alphabetically/etc…

    Final Verdict:

    If you need an app to satisfy your obsessive compulsive need to organize your thoughts, look no further. Hopefully someday with the addition of protected notes, this will be your one stop for mental clarity.







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