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3d scanning app/scanning assistant

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by ace42588, May 4, 2012.

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    My request is for an application that would create 3d models either directly on a phone or help gather sufficient data to generate the model on a PC. An example of the end functionality that I want can be seen at: insight3d(dot)sourceforge(dot)net

    Using several images, a point cloud is generated that can be turned into a polygonal 3d model. I am not concerned about textures. The end output file should be .stl (Standard Tessellation Language). I understand the processing requirements for such an application would be very high, however, I believe the latest generation of mid to high-end phones are nearing the power requirements. If not, thats where the helper app would come in.

    Desired features:
    -Capture photos of macro (building size) or micro (soda can and smaller) objects
    -Scale reference in view finder
    -Object orientation reference (see Camera3D in the Android market)
    -Previous image overlay in view finder (Camera3D)
    -Auto create a folder that contains the photos generated for one object. The goal for this is to simplify transfer to a PC
    -Render models, that canbe saved in an stl format, from photos (see insigh3d on sourceforge and netfabb for PC and Android)
    -Warning to indicate when there is insufficient data or blindspots for the model
    -Object detection (I imagine this might simplify the generation of the model, or provide better accuracy. In essence, the app user would draw a box around the object they wish to model in each photo they take.)
    -Ability to scale models post render
    -It may be of benefit to gather accelerometer and gyroscope data (where available) to give relative location data for each photo. If there is enough resolution from GPS (specific location) and/or the above sensors (relative location) then a significant amount of math for determining camera perspective could be dropped.

    As the 3D printer community continues to grow, an app (or apps) with a feature set similar to the above could stand to be extremely profitable.

    insight3d is open source.
    Trimensional 3D scanner for the iphone has essentially the correct functionality

    EDIT 2:
    Also see Objectify in the Android Marker


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