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3d Space Cube -Tricky Puzzles Brain Game (by Arvas Lab)

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by iTP, Jan 24, 2021.

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    Are you searching for a cube puzzle and a real guide for the Brain Out game? If yes then you are on the right game!
    3d Space cube puzzle is a brain out game and becomes a tricky puzzle master.

    Tricky Puzzles & Brain Game

    The cube puzzle game is an addictive free brain test game with a series of a tricky brain teasers. Your mind will engage in the given task of matching the same color cubes so you can pass the approaching cubes! You need to match the colors of all 9 cubes by tapping the cubes so their color will be converted into another color.

    Can you pass the color cube puzzle?

    The tricky puzzle game will confuse you but on passing through the cubes, you will be awarded a +1 score. Cross as many cubes as you can and become master of the space cube puzzle game.

    Cube Surfer & Brain Test

    After playing the cube surfer game, your performance chart will appear to let you know about your total score, color swapping numbers and last played scores, etc. As you move forward in the space the speed of the game will increase, and your energy will also boost up to win the game in less time.

    Test your brain with a tricky puzzle game! If you play this brain out game well and make a high score then share your highest score with your friends and family member and challenge them to play this brain game and check who is the winner.

    Play this brain test game for entertaining, it contains amazing background music and beautiful graphics are also included in this 3d Space Cube puzzle game.

    ❤️ Thanks for downloading 3d Space Cube Puzzle Game

    Video Trailer:

    Download link:

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3d Space Cube -Tricky Puzzles Brain Game

3d Space Cube -Tricky Puzzles Brain Game Forum


January 22, 2021
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