Help 3Day old Galaxy 3g Tab. Think about the 8.9. HELP!


On 8/27 I picked up a Galaxy 3g tab.I wanted to know if the 8.9 tab has 3g or 4g capabilities, and also who the carrier(s) is or are the will be selling this device?
The Samsung 10" looks too big to me, and i think it is wifi only. The Galaxy 3g tab is a bit difficult to see what I'm typing when I compose an email from a app, or typing mostly anything when I used it horizontally. I'm 5'11" ( IDK if it has anything to do w/ the subject) and my Galaxy 3g tab fits well in my hand(s) and it also conveniently fits in some of my back pockets. All in all my Questions are does the 8.9 tab have 3g or 4g, is the extra inch or three, faster ram, possible 4g, worth the remainder $XX.XX?

On a side note,
Will the 8.9 tab release by my 30 return time? IDM, the restock fee,
also any info I come across will post here.




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It all depends on your preference. I had a Xoom for about a month and returned it because it was too large for me. I'm waiting for the new 7.7 to get released because it's more handheld. As for carrier, Samsung seems pretty dedicated to bringing their devices to carriers as well as releasing wifi only versions. I believe Verizon has a 4g tab 10.1 right now actually. I think I remember seeing Engadget post something about the Tab 8.9 passing through the FCC certification recently with AT&T carrier bands, so it shouldn't be too long. Best Buy has the 8.9 for preorder right now but there's no indication as to whn it will ship.

Back on to size, I was waiting for the 8.9 until the 7.7 was announced. From everything I've seen the size difference between the 8.9 and 10.1 isn't that great. They even have the same screen resolution so you're not getting any more usable real estate. So if you really want one now and you're good with the 10.1 size, i would just get that.