3G/4G Access and SIM card failure


Android Expert
Something strange (To me at me at least) happened to my Thunderbolt and was fixed in an unexpected way. I want to pass it on just in case someone else has the same problem so you may have an "easy" fix.

In early August, my stock TB lost access to 3G/4G data. Phone and texts still worked, but nothing else except WiFi. I contacted Verizon tech support and they ended up sending me a replacement phone and a new SIM card to fix the problem. The guy told me if my old SIM card didn't work or the problem wasn't fixed with the new phone, activate the new SIM card and replace it in the new one and put in the new phone. Well, the old card so I thought "problem solved" and put the unused one in a drawer.

Sunday, I lost my 3G/4G again - this time on my CM7 rooted TB. I cycled through ROMs, including back to stock, to no avail. All I could get again was phone, text, and WiFi. So, out of curiosity and lack of options, I contacted Verizon and they activated the unused SIM card I had for my TB. Once I put the new one in and rebooted the phone, it was fixed. No more problems with 3G/4G. :thinking:

I'd be lying if I said I knew what happened to the SIM card or why it worked for a while and then died again, I just know it did and getting a new one was it it too to fix the problem. So, if you run across a similar problem, it may be just a matter of getting a new SIM card rather than going to the trouble of getting a new TB from Verizon.

Anyways, just wanted to put that out there as a PSA to everyone and hopefully save someone else the same trouble!