Help 3G/4G Sim same as phones?


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Anyone have any idea if the sim cards for the xoom will be the same Verizon uses for their phones? If so, would it not be possible to just insert the sim card for a moment to activate wifi and then remove?


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Anyone who is a verizon customer know the answer to this. I ask because if this will work I will just insert a co-workers sim card for 5 minutes, so the wifi will activate.
Verizon doesn't use sim cards in their phones

This is no longer true. Verizon now has 4G LTE sim cards for some devices. From my own experimentation, you cannot use non-approved hardware on Verizon's network, they are asses like that... I'm in the process of switching to T-Mobile.


Lost my droid x so I just got a droid charge. But i liked the x much better. Im thinking about returning the charge for a x2. Im not sure if I should. Which one is better? And will the 4G sim card work in the x2? I know know the x2 is 3G.