3G/4G Streaming Audio/Video in Car...

Has anyone in a 4G area had issues with constant dropouts streaming media while driving around town?

I use Rhapsody and Slingplayer and if I have the 4G enabled, I will get disconnects throughout my commute. I understand the whole 4G is a different technology and it seems inevitable that data connections will drop when switching between the two modes.

I contacted Rhapsody and they're actually looking into a fix for their software disconnecting immediately when going from 3G --> 4G or to Wifi.

I'm not sure about slingplayer and whether they will have any fix.

This morning I turned off 4G and I didn't have one single dropout while using slingplayer. There were a couple moments where the video paused, but the program never disconnected. 3G is more than adequate for streaming, so I guess I shouldn't complain.

The solution would seem to just turn off 4G while roaming around town because the signal is so finicky.

BTW, I'm in Atlanta, GA.