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3G and 1x observation - Alltel and Verizon

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Darkbleed, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Darkbleed

    Darkbleed Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I made an observation about network performance on my Droid. I purchased my Droid at Best Buy and they activated it on my Alltel 1200 plan. I had a rock solid 3G connection for about three weeks and didn't notice any switching to 1x in the Newton/Wichita/Hutchinson Kansas area, where I regularly commute.

    Then I switched to the Family Share Select Plan with Verizon, because when I went to buy my wife a Droid online, it demanded that I switch to a Verizon plan first. The Family Share Select Plan looked like a good deal and I'd saved a few bucks, so I went for it. The first thing I noticed right after I changed the plan was that it said Verizon Wireless on the lock screen and notification panel. And I also noticed that it was on 1x almost constantly. 3G was a rarity at that point.

    A few days later, my wife's Droid came in and I tried to activate it, and it refused to activate over the phone or on the website. So I called 611 and talked to a rep, who advised me that I screwed up my account by switching to Verizon's plan, due to the fact that I have a third line with an Alltel phone, and put me back on the Alltel plan. Immediately upon hanging up I noticed that the Verizon Wireless tag on my lock screen and notification panel disappeared and my 3G was back to being rock solid on.

    I wonder if anyone else has noticed this. I find it curious, because I was under the impression that Verizon and Alltel were operating on the same network now, so there really shouldn't be such a difference. At either rate, I'll shell out a couple more bucks to stay on the Alltel 1200 plan and keep my 3G.

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  2. Tabs

    Tabs Member

    A couple of us have another thread going on about Alltel issues - the deal is that when you're on an Alltel plan, you're not actually on the wider Verizon network. Your phone gets a PRL that has it pick former Alltel towers first, then Verizon ones second. The opposite appears to be true if you're on a Verizon plan. The two networks are not integrated yet and seem to be operating separately from eachother. What's going on in your case is that the Alltel towers have better 3G reception than the Verizon ones do.
  3. jestexman

    jestexman Android Enthusiast

    I could not have said it better myself. I am pretty sure that the service in my area is a lot better on a alltel prl.
    I do notice that I have 3g places I did not before. But in my home area alltel is the domat one.
  4. aujoe

    aujoe Lurker

    I was a long time alltel customer and recently switched over to Verizon with the purchase of my Droid Eris. After a week or so I noticed that I don't have any 3g service. It looks like its searching for 3g service but then switches to 1x.

    No one at Verizon customer service has been able to resolve this issue and now they're putting in a work order that they say could take up to 10 days to resolve. This after spending a number of hours in a verizon store discussing with employees there.....and an additional 2-3 hours discussing with technical support. This is not acceptable to me.

    Apparently they are in agreement that since I have an old alltel phone number that it's not picking up the correct prl number on my phone.....tried to update numerous times with no success.

    I love the phone but if I'm paying for 3g service - then I should get it. Is this something that will get worked out?
  5. milrtime83

    milrtime83 Android Enthusiast

    They are in the process of combining the towers to work together. I'm not sure what it involves, but it is being done market by market. I read somewhere that it won't be completed until some time in 2011.
  6. aujoe

    aujoe Lurker

    that's not good news.....there's the possibility of trying a new verizon phone number but they say there's no guarantee and that if it doesn't work then there's no going back to the old number......

    i really don't want to have to do this b/c i've had this number ever since my first cell phone with alltel 15 years ago......that's 15 years worth of people knowing my number.....doctors, registrations, etc.

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