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3g and pushing calls to voicemail??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by PuggleBuggle, Feb 4, 2011.

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    Hello All
    I'm in desperate need of some advice!
    I'm new to android and have had "issues" with my mobiles forcing all calls to voicemail while I'm using data?
    I have been an iphone 3gs user for the last 18 months and upgraded to a HTC desire earlier this week.
    The HTC was forcing all incoming calls to my voicemail so my phone wouldn't ring whilst using the net (3g only, no problems with wifi)
    So I spoke to my provider (O2 uk) who admitted it was a bit of an issue and offered to send me out a Samsung Galaxy S. Low and behold- I'm having exactly the same issue!
    I've looked online and many people seem to think its a DDTM setting problem, others that GPRS are to blame and is android software problems?
    As a lady with not much technical experience Im pretty stumped.
    I called O2 and was advised to activated the brand new sim they sent me on monday, I installed it, was talked through a proceedure to change the mmi (I think?) hard reset, turn off and on again, installed kies, told to install newest firmwear (already on the phone) - still to no avail!
    Im so crushed- 2 really great phones in the space of 5 days and they both have the same problem and both use android.
    Any ideas or advice would be so greatly appreciated right now!

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