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3G connection and Exchange

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by atko, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. atko

    atko Newbie
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    Hello guys,
    I buy my new LePhone. I inslalled Leos2.0 to the my phone and I have the folloving problems. I configure my APN on phone to using GPRS, EDGE, HSPDA in APN (I'm from Slovakia). In the original version all worked perfectly, but in Leos 2.0 my phone is able to connect through 3G network, but when I switch on and off WIFI then 3G connection is lost and unavailable (I try to switch on/off data connection but no change). Connection will be available next time when I reboot my phone. Any idea?
    Second issue: I try to connect to the my company Exchange server. I fill name, password and server name, check SSl certificate for usage. But that's all. I have in the right down corner button NEXT (green) but this button is defunct and there is no possible to push it. Try any of you connection to exchange server?



  2. cooperjl86

    cooperjl86 Lurker

    Second issue: Usually that's because you didn't put an appropriate "exchange server". Mine is a specific IP address. When you put in an appropriate server name, the button should unlock. Get the IP address from your IT department.
  3. atko

    atko Newbie
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    Thank you for your help, but I try lot of possibilities 9IP adress, server name0, but this is different issue. I think that this is problem of existing firmware. Now I using Touchdown for MS Exchange and this working perfectly. I think that there is more bugs on beta Leos2.0 9 as I wrote about Wifi and 3G issue. Thanks

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