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Nov 11, 2009
I live in NYC and when I come out of the subway I am able to get rgular phone service but no 3G service which I know is available in the area I am in. It must take time to connect but at times it takes 5 minutes or longer.

Can I force the phone to try and get 3G service rather than waiting for it to check?
I have pulled the battery and it will work if I do that or reboot the phone but who wants to wait for that to happen daily as I exit the subway. I have also tried putting the phone in airplane mode and then taking it out of airplane mode hoping it would trigger a re-connect but usually not for another 5-10 minutes.

How do I update my 3G profile?
If your on sprint, hit menu-settings-updates-update profile. If your on another carrier, i'm not sure how you do it on the phone, but I know you can call your customer service and they can do it over the phone.