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3G issues/ Reception

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sere83, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. Sere83

    Sere83 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have established that t-mobile coverage in my area (north london) is not very good despite them saying it was before I brought the G2. So reception is sporadic at best. The thing that really baffles me is why is 3g so damn slow? It takes literally ages for a page to load on my G2's browser. They mentioned with the sim only contract i'm on it may be a little slower like maybe 3.6mps instead of 7.2, but theres literally no point in using it it's so damn slow.

    Any one know why this is?

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  2. Meus Android

    Meus Android Newbie

    Do you mind doing a quick test for me? How long does it take to load the following:

    The Student Room: Student Guides, Help, Advice & Community
    NeoGAF - Home
    BBC - Homepage

    I hear T-Mobile do a 7 day returns policy if you are not happy with your phone. Although that may be only for contract tariffs. Ring them up and enquire about it.
  3. Sere83

    Sere83 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    did some tests here's the results >>>

    studentroom.co.uk >>> 32 seconds
    neogaf.com >>> 7 seconds
    bbc.co.uk mobile >>> 11 seconds
    bbc.co.uk full page >>> 29 seconds

    can't say I am too impressed.
  4. Meus Android

    Meus Android Newbie

    That is pretty awful. Have you tried using different browsers? There are some on the Marketplace I believe. I'm hopefully getting mine tomorrow and will post here for comparison.
  5. kelcoshows

    kelcoshows Newbie

    I have a G2 with T-Mobile at the lastest ROM\firmware (whatever one it is!) from T-Mobiles website. If the phone displays 3g in the display I never have a data connection. You can see the 'up arrow' by the signal display aligh but nothing on the downstream. I only have one if H is displayed. I'm using the built in browser but it's also the same with the built in facebook and tweeter apps.
  6. Meus Android

    Meus Android Newbie

    Test results were similar to the above. Awful connection speeds so far. I'm going to go to a local store tomorrow and show this to see if it's "normal".
  7. kelcoshows

    kelcoshows Newbie

    Let us how you got on if you managed to go to the store!
  8. Meus Android

    Meus Android Newbie

    I haven't gone to the store yet however when using WiFi on my hero I noticed it loads a lot slower than what my desktop does. I soon realised then that the issue of speed here is as much to do about the actual 3G connection as it does about the processing power of the Hero. I once saw a comparison video where, on the same 3G connection, the HD2 loaded pages significantly faster than the Hero. So whilst T-Mobile's network may not be the fastest, I don't know how fast the Hero itself can render pages regardless of the network connection.
  9. kelcoshows

    kelcoshows Newbie

    I think my problem is different then. When it works, ie H showing in display or on wifi its very quick. When the my G2 shows 3g, it's not just slow data download there is no data download! :(
  10. Meus Android

    Meus Android Newbie

    That's very interesting, I see this too but thought it was just a rotating animation to depict that you are getting High 3G speeds. I never realised that the H and the 3g were separate indicators
  11. kelcoshows

    kelcoshows Newbie

    I think the H stands for HSPNA and I belive this to be the quickest mobile data speed you can get here. Although if I'm mistaken here please correct me! When I was with o2 this was shown on my Nokia N95 as 3.5g. With that I could also get recieve data if it said 3g or 3.5g. Not so with the G2 on T-Mobile though...
  12. Meus Android

    Meus Android Newbie

    I went to some phone stores just now (although the T-Mobile store was closed sadly) and they weren't really certain at why it would go to HDSPA and then 3G and keep switching over randomly. It would change like every 15 seconds.

    I do have some apps however that are connected to the Internet when my Mobile Internet is switched on. Perhaps this traffic triggers the HDSPA? I have other widgets over my screen that use net to update and sync as well. Maybe this is related to why the icons are constantly changing; its a reflection of the traffic my phone is using.

    Incidentally I have used up 30MB (barely browsed the Net) since yesterday morning according to my 3G usage app. Again, it suggests that my apps and widgets are pretty busy

    I'm confused about why it won't just stay as "H" if that speed is available in the first place in my area.
  13. rizzla

    rizzla Well-Known Member

    Mine jumps around all over the place as well, probably means the HDSPA signal is so so in that area, just like your phone network bar moving from 1 or 2 bars and visa versa.
  14. pulsarman

    pulsarman Member

    I have a similar problem. Basically when my phone shows only a G signal (most of the time) then internet/market/facebook etc dont work at all, keeps saying check connection or something. But i found that if i turn on 2G only then turn it back off then i get 3G signal then H (keeps swapping between the two) but after a while it goes back to just a G signal then no internet/facebook/market etc again! Any idedas? I deleted a load of apps that i dont use and its been ok for couple hours (swapping between 3G and H)
  15. Mo_boy02

    Mo_boy02 Lurker

    Hi I have a unlocked T-mobile g2 touch and use my 3 sim in it. when i went on the studentroom.co.uk it took 9 seconds to load and the B.B.C. mobile page took 4 seconds to load (im using the opera mini browser). Mine also alternates between 3g and H. I do believe H is faster.

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