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3G on Samsung Admire Here is the 3022.prl

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Codawg, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Codawg

    Codawg Member
    Thread Starter

    So does the admire come with metro's new 3G service out of the box? I've lost the prl for it on my ascend and having a hec of a time getting it back! If it is I will have to leave my ascend behind.

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  2. dcskins2011

    dcskins2011 Lurker

    Ni it doesnt, its 1x unfortunately, cool phone but I returned it and got a phone that can run adobe.
  3. supersean

    supersean Newbie

    i want to know cause i got the phone right now and i checked the prl and it says 3018 and i know you need prl 3020 to get 3g but you also have to live in an evdo area and want to know if there is one around miami plz respond cause i really need to know
  4. Davedore

    Davedore Newbie

    Metro has always had 3G, it is a low grade 3G, but it is 3G.
  5. aaronmy

    aaronmy Android Enthusiast

    Yea, and its not that slow. Its an average speed, not TOO slow but not that fast either.:cool:
  6. aaronmy

    aaronmy Android Enthusiast

    Metro PCS has 3x services but only in some areas. In all areas Metro has 1x services, so hopefully soon there will be 3x data services in most places like Philadelphia.:cool:
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  7. supersean

    supersean Newbie

    so are there any in miami,fl and do you neeedd prl 3020 to get 3g?
  8. aaronmy

    aaronmy Android Enthusiast

    Yea thats what is said, but also you can force prl 3020 but we don't have root yet so we must wait.:(

    Yes prl 3020 is 3g.
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  9. det1726

    det1726 Android Enthusiast

    There has been a 3019 prl for awhile so if you are @ 3018 dial *228 then after Spanish press 5. Your phone will update then reboot then you will have the latest prl available in your area.
  10. marcos.lennis

    marcos.lennis Newbie

    I am wondering the same thing. I am also in Miami and I only get 1x. Speed is sssuuuuuuppeeerrrrrrrr slow.

    I have PRL 3019. I guess no 3G? Miami is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country and 1 of the first cities to have Metro. Unbelievable!!!
  11. marcos.lennis

    marcos.lennis Newbie

    Well... I just conducted a Speed Test on my Admire and DL: 75kbps UL: 174kbps.

    If you ask me that equal to Dial-Up almost. Where are the 3G speeds?

    Mediocre 3G speeds would be around 500kbps. And that is still slow, but that would be more acceptable for Metro considering.

    Is there a particular setting that I do not have? There are no options to change the network settings.

  12. marcos.lennis

    marcos.lennis Newbie

    What do you consider "average"?
  13. checkp0int

    checkp0int Newbie

    i have prl 3020 on my optimus i only got 3g when i was in orlando , havnt got it while in miami although my connection seems faster than normal but it could just be all psychological
  14. unnamedny

    unnamedny Android Expert

    metro never had 3g and will never have it. They are jumped right into LTE so there is no point developing old technology. Max speed you can get is 128downx256up kbps
  15. monopolee

    monopolee Lurker

    I am considering moving to MetroPCS and getting the Admire. This would be my first smartphone and I know nothing about smartphones and aps (so far). The store person said that my area will go 4G in the beginning of 2012. When MetroPCS goes 4G will this speed up this phone from 1X? Thanks in advance for the info.
  16. JWhipple

    JWhipple Android Enthusiast

    No - the phone doesn't have a 4G LTE radio in it, so it won't be able to take advantage of the additional speed.
  17. tonito0704

    tonito0704 Lurker

    I'm in Orlando some friend said they have 3G, how to update PRL to 3020?? I dial *228 and option 5 but doesn't work!! Still have 3019
  18. det1726

    det1726 Android Enthusiast

    There is a way to manually update it with lg, samsung I am unsure of if or how you would do so. If it's not updating regularly then it's not available in your area and would be of no use to you anyway.
  19. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Android Enthusiast

    I have Optimus M with PRL @ 3020 and 3g. About 5 days ago, my boyfriend got Samsung Admire. His phone was showing PRL @ 3018, so I dialed *228 to update his PRL and now it shows 3019, even tho I called 2xs to update. And he is only getting 1x tho we live in same area. In couple days will try again to see if it will change to 3020, if it does not, then will probably take to Metro store and see if they can update from there. I would think he should also have 3g (or PRL 3020 after update) if we live in same area. Unless it's because my phone's rooted??
  20. BriteLeaf

    BriteLeaf Lurker

    Hi guys... Super noob here... What does PRL stand for, and how do you check what the number is?

  21. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Android Enthusiast

    Can't remember exactly how with the Admire, but think it'll be in Settings, About Phone, then Status @ "PRL Version". It'll show list of other phone info including PRL info.
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  22. BriteLeaf

    BriteLeaf Lurker

    That got me there. My PRL is 3018. How do I upgrade?
  23. DaniellieeE

    DaniellieeE Android Enthusiast

    For Metropcs it's *228, then Option 5 (you'll get recording) - am sure it's the same for all phones, same carrier. This is what I use for my Lg Optimus M and my boyfriend's Samsung Admire. His Admire was @ 3018, then changed to 3019 (have to do again to see if we can get his to 3020). Hope this helps :)

    Edited to add: Can also call or go to Metropcs store and I'm sure they can help with this also.
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  24. edgchacon

    edgchacon Android Enthusiast

    Preferred Roaming List
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  25. CAVEMAN_93

    CAVEMAN_93 Lurker

    So when I woke up this morning I looked at my phone and it has 3g on it, I checked my PRL Version and it says 03020 which is for 3g capable so I'm guessing metropcs updated the Admire to 3g at dallas tx last night. :)

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