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3G problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kayilam, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. kayilam

    kayilam Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi all! I'm wondering if any people experiencing this problem.
    I mostly use wifi at home and office so I usually turn the 3G off using APNdroid and Smartbar.
    When I needed to use 3G on the street, I used APNdroid and Smartbar too. But there is just a grey 3G signal on the notification bar. I have to turn the phone off and turn it on to have 3G signal.

    It is so annoying to me when I need to check the map in the car. Anyone have solution to fix it?

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  2. getDange

    getDange Android Enthusiast

    No solution at this point. These tools mess around with your APN settings, and the phone is not dynamic enough to pick up setting changes: when you switch off from a working APN to a fake APN or rename the working APN, the phone dynamically stops getting 3G (just as you want it), then when you restore the APN, it requires a reboot to pick it up.
    One pseudo solution is to not touch 3G while you are on WiFi - the phone is smart enough to only use WiFi when it is available.
  3. kayilam

    kayilam Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So you mean I should not use any apps like APNdroid and Smartbar to stop the 3g signal when Im using wifi? Is that mean I should keep wifi on all the time to avoid 3g signal? Sorry for asking stupid questions.. :(
  4. mvred

    mvred Newbie

    I have the same problem as well... However I rebooted it 3 times and I still cannot get 3g to work... After deleting that APNDroid!
  5. T.Time

    T.Time Newbie

    i had the same issues with using apndroid. it was too much of a hassle and thats not why i got the phone. I downloaded netmeter, it doesnt cut your 3g or edge signal but it keeps track of how much data is streaming on wifi and from your carrier. Just make sure that you have all your settings on your apps to not auto update and download adv. task killer. then you should be fine. i've been using 0bytes for the last two days. So it really does allow you to monitor the apps that have high usage and make sure that they arent running all the time
  6. getDange

    getDange Android Enthusiast

    When your WiFi is switched on AND a WIFI network is available, then 3G is not used in 99% of cases. However if you are walking around on the street and have no WIFI signal even though your WiFi is turned on, then you are still using 3G.

    So basically if you are home or around a reliable WIFI, switch your WIFI on and you are not using 3G.

    If you are not in WIFI area, but still want to avoid using your 3G data (if you have a tiered data plan), then go to settings and switch off automatic syncing. It is under "Accounts and Sync" menu, uncheck the checkboxes for first two options. When you explicitly request Internet (like by going to browser) you will however still use 3G,
  7. getDange

    getDange Android Enthusiast

    APNDroid - not for a regular user :)
    This sh1tty thing RENAMES your APN to switch 3G off. So if you used APNDroid to switch off 3G and then uninstalled or killed it, your APN name will stay renamed, and no number of reboots will help getting 3G back on.
    You need to manually go into the setting and rename the APN back to normal name the phone expects. Then reboot and you should be fine.

    Here is the default APN info on my phone:

    Go to settings, "Wireless and network", "Mobile networks", tap on "Access Point Names". You will see an entry that is something like "*ATT WAP*". Tap on it. Tap "Name". Make sure the APN Name is set to "ATT WAP" (no double quotes) and APN Type is set to "internet + mms".
    If you can't edit this stuff, try installing APNDroid again and editing through it, although I do not know if that is possible. You may have to do a reset.

    As APNDroid's description clearly warns, "Uninstall with enabled internet, or you'll need to change APNs manually". My general suggestion is to not use these apps that mess with the root functionality of the phone unless you are a very advanced user. Avoid APNDroid, various task killers, and other similar apps.
  8. sridroid

    sridroid Lurker

    I got my son a Captivate yesterday and I was installing "Toggle data" and "Apndroid" and while testing it the 3g icon disappeared. I guess there is a sequence to installing and uninstalling these apps. Any amount of reboots did not fix the problem. Anyway...

    To fix the problem I did the following.

    Navigate to Settings, "Wireless and network", "Mobile networks", tap on "Access Point Names". You will see an entry that is something like "*ATT WAP*", next click on Menu (button on the bottom left) you will see "Reset to default" click it. Finally I was able to get Mobile data to work sort off. (When I am on wifi the 3g icon disappears, it only comes back on when wifi is turned off)

    Either ATT or Samsung has decided to make it difficult to switch off 3g Data idiots...

    My wife's HTC Aria manages switching on/off 3g data so easy. Even my iPhone 4 makes it so easy to switch of 3g data to conserve uses my limited data plan.

    Hopefully the upgrade to Froyo will fix this carp, till then I will ask my son to switch of auto sync and background data sync while his phone is in his locker during school.

    By the way he loves his Samsung, he is glad he did not get the iPhone 4 [smart phone for old or stupid people, that's what he says:)]

    I am just covering my bases so he does not go over his data plan and stick the overage charges to me...
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  9. kayilam

    kayilam Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Thank you for giving such useful information.
    Hope we will have an update for fixing this soon!
  10. bravisha

    bravisha Lurker

    Hello to all Samsung Captivate owners,

    I have been through my share of frustration with APNDroid and ultimately gave up. Then I found there is an awesome app on the market called 'Juicedefender'. It is free and if you want to use it as simple as possible add the Juicedefender widget and you can toggle 3G on/off with one touch. I
    f you want to really milk the app, get into its advanced settings and there are loads of configuration options. It is has lot of functionality and variables you can define to save battery but at the same time enable/disable 3G during particular times of the day or for particular apps. the app could have had a better UI though. But I wont complain as it is the only 3G toggle app that I could find which would work on my samsung captivate (which btw is an amazing phone).
  11. Choupique

    Choupique Lurker

    I've found that non of these 3G switch apps work. I am headed to Europe in a few days, and I want to really pay attention to not using their 3G network. It's expensive!!! I have the same problem with APNDroid where I basically have to restart the phone to get the 3G back working. I've tried juice defender and had the same problem. Is there no way to fix this?

    Edit: I am such a newb.....

  12. sumbadielse

    sumbadielse Lurker

    Hey guys..
    I had the same problem and this is how i fixed it.
    Go to Settings -> Wireless and network -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names. Inside that option go to Menu -> Reset to default.
  13. mason215

    mason215 Lurker

    i too am having this problem. I restored the att APN to default and still nothing. I do notice that once i turn my phone on it shows up, but it then it quickly disappears. Any advice? i just got this phone a few days ago too and im running launcherpro if that means anything
  14. Sreenadh

    Sreenadh Lurker

    Go to Settings -> Wireless and network -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names. Inside that option go to Menu -> Reset to default. (Reboot your phone)

    Worked for me, i have a samsung captivate thats rooted running on 2.2 froyo and i was deleting some user data,believe it was dialer data (do not delete that, it also deletes your texts) and i all of a sudden my internet stopped working,i tried every setting and i even think there weren't any APN in the list of APNs because of deleting rampage, so i reset my phone and after that i reset the APN back to default settings and rebooted my phone and it worked. For some of you guys, if it still has an APN(the cingular one) in the list of APNs then all you have to do is reset it back to default by clicking menu with the menu button on your phone and click reset. It should work.
    Thank guys, you saved me a trip to the at&t store and time with incompetent att reps
  15. xThaNaturalx

    xThaNaturalx Member

    This method is a little bit more difficult to use, but it should work everytime. You can either download the app SAMservmode, or you can open up your dialer, and dial *#0011#, which will bring you to a screen that says "Service Mode". Then press the left-soft key (I call it the settings key, but everyone's different) and hit the "back" button when it's brought up. Then pick the [8] Phone Control option, then the [4] UE State Control option. Then you're left with deciding which you want to use. If you're trying to disable the 3g, switching to GSM will leave it with Edge network only. Then when you want to switch it back, just do the same thing and click WCDMA. Also, you can't use the "back" soft-key in this server. You have to hit the left soft-key and then click "back" on the screen. Hope this helps.
  16. c-eling

    c-eling Lurker

    i use zdbox free from the market to toggle my data/wifi,has a nice black theme widget for switches :)
  17. chocophile

    chocophile Member

    If your Captivate has been updated to Android 2.2/Froyo, you don't need a third party app to enable/disable 3G. Simply press and hold the power button. When the "phone options" menu appears, one of the choices is "Data network mode." This is a toggle switch. If 3G is turned off, it will display "Data network mode deactivated." Touch this option, and 3G is enabled. The message changes to "Data network mode activated." To turn off your 3G connection, follow the same directions to change "activated" to "deactivated."

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