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3G problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by litsjie, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. litsjie

    litsjie Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have a problem with 3G connection..
    my milestone always uses EDGE instead of 3G and that's pretty slow for youtube and active surfing.
    Does someone knows what could be the problem, is it my phone or the provider (mobistar Belgium)?

    as Access Point Names:

    Name: 3G
    APN: mworld.be or internet.be (i'm not pretty sure, both of them give edge)
    Proxy: not set
    Port: not set
    Username: mobistar
    Password: mobistar
    Server: not set
    MMSC: not set
    MMS proxy: not set
    MMS port: not set
    MCC: 206
    MNC: 10
    APN type: not set

  2. chyau.00

    chyau.00 Well-Known Member

    depending on the frequency band that your provider supports, 3g might not be available to you.
  3. litsjie

    litsjie Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Then why am I paying 3g..
    Does it help when I change provider?
  4. chyau.00

    chyau.00 Well-Known Member

    that really depends on the providers that are available to you. If you are in the states, chances are slim.

    I heard that Tmobile MIGHT work..but i doubt it.

    but if you are from europe or asia (or the rest of the world for that matter)....chances are you can easily find a provider that supports the milestone's frequency.

    judging by how you are getting edge connection as opposed to 3g, im pretty sure your current provider does not support your phone's frequency band. If it's any consolation, the 'data plan' that you are paying for is for the edge connection too.
  5. litsjie

    litsjie Lurker
    Thread Starter

    How do I know which provider supports my phone's frequency?
    Does it have a name or something that frequency?.
    If so then maybe I can google it

  6. big_adventure

    big_adventure Newbie

    Google the [name of the provider] "frequency 3g" and you should find what you want.

    It LOOKS like the version of the Milestone for sale in Europe (I don't know if there is another version elsewhere) does not support either T-Mo's or ATT's US 3G frequencies. So if you bring it back there, you might well be stuck with EDGE at best. You should float that question to Motorola, specifically.

    For info: Milestone - 900/2100 3G, 4-band 2G
    Tmo US - 1700/2100 3G
    ATT US - 850/1900 3G

    You would think that this would let your Milestone work in 3g for T-Mobile, HOWEVER, Tmo uses AWS 3G, which (as far as I understand) uses 1700 for the uplink and 2100 for the downlink, meaning that the Milestone can hear but not speak 3g to Tmo towers.

    I don't work for a carrier or for Moto, so my words on this are not facts - just the results of googling.
  7. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    Sigh...I wish consumers were more informed before spending their money...your not paying for 3G your paying for cellular broadband. Whether your on GPRS or "ZOMG SUPER 1337 3G SPEEDZ" whatever doesn't Matter. Your not paying for your data rates your paying for access to THEIR towers regardless of the system upgrades.
  8. nateo200

    nateo200 Android Enthusiast

    Yup that's correct. If he lives in Belgium the he should have no trouble with frequencies seeing as most UMTS in europe is in the 2100 and 900Mhz band.
  9. epuiatti

    epuiatti Newbie

    Im having a similar problem in the fact that my Milestone wont switch between 3G and 2G without rebooting the handset, even when i select 2G in the options the 3G icon in the notification bar doesnt change. Any one else have this problem?
  10. chyau.00

    chyau.00 Well-Known Member

    uninstall Estrong manager(or another task manager perhaps?)...it worked for me.
  11. epuiatti

    epuiatti Newbie

    Was that a reply to me? Or litsjie original post?
  12. chyau.00

    chyau.00 Well-Known Member

    oh u... the problem with not getting 3g back unless u restart
  13. dhan_shh

    dhan_shh Lurker

    In some countries,"H" appears instead of "3G" or alternating 3G & H ,indicating HSPA,which is commonly seen!
    If a poorly 3G receptive occasions,"E" will appear!

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