3G speeds changing you mind on Atrix?

I'm counting down the days to buy this phone but every review talks about how ATT speeds are BS. Is that changing anyones mind? By the time they role out HSPA+ we'll be up to Atrix 4gS.

I'm seriously considering not joining ATT because of this. Can't stand slow speeds. T-Mobile and Verizon seem to be the ones to join at this rate. Hope they announce a better phone this coming week!


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Nothing actually but at the reviews everything is at 1.5 average and that speed is just not tolerable. If ATT gave me 7.5 I would be thrilled!


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AT&T hasn't finished deploying their enhanced backhaul to get 4G speeds. That's why you're still seeing 3G speeds with the H+ symbol.

It's supposed to be finished by mid March.

I wouldn't worry really, AT&T has always had the fastest 3G coverage and when they finally roll out the enhanced backhaul with HSPA+, we will be seeing early LTE type speeds. If any company has the infrastructure & resources to do it, it's AT&T.


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Fair enough.

FWIW, I've been in a T-Mobile area where near the tower, I can manage 7.44Mbs on average however at my house exactly 3 miles away, I average between 3-5Mbs. Even if AT&T has updated their infrastructure, you could take a significant performance hit depending on your location and area (obstructions).

I'm averaging 2-3Mbs on AT&T...will have to test on my Moto Defy to see if my area is "upgraded".


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Here in Boston, on my nexus one, I average 1.5mbps down AND 1.5mbps UP.

It looks like HSUPA is not enabled in the atrix... most of the reviews say it maxes out at 300kbps....


Post your concerns on at&t's facebook wall. They hate bad press, and the more people that talk about it, the more likely they are to act quickly on it. I already called to their attention that every single review of their '4G' phones are reporting speeds no greater than typical 3G. If they provided a network coverage map to let people know where the enhanced backhaul has already been upgraded, then people wouldn't be so 'in the dark' as to where they should expect '4G' speeds.


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iPhone 4 speeds on 3G:


My question is: Why wouldn't the Atrix 4G have similar speeds even on 3G?

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I and I can't post it but I ran te same test with te same software and on my iPhone 4 on 3G I got 750,859,497 Down and even worse up
I use wifi 99% of the time, so the "4G" speed marketing crap doesn't really do much for me. In general, I'm perfectly fine with 3G speeds on the rare occasions that I do use the network for Internet. Ive even been know to turn off 3G on my iphone and just use EDGE to save battery life.


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I've been using an Inspire for a few days and I can only get it to reach half the speeds of my iPhone 4 most of the time right next to each other throughout the day.


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Why do you think it does that ?

I know there is a new data plan code for HSPA+, and the Inspire I'm using is not on it so that's one possible reason. I'm told that feature code signals HSPA+, but I don't know for sure since my friend at AT&T hasn't gotten back with an answer yet.