Root 3G unrestrictor


yes that's an Iphone jailbreak app. However i'm trying to see if there's an app that will allow me to trick my phone into thinking it's constantly on wifi since i'm having issues with my slingbox on 3G. any help would be appreciated.


That iPhone jailbreak app existed to trick the AT&T iPhone into thinking you were on WiFi, not 3G because originally AT&T restricted the use of the slingplayer app over 3G out of fear it would clog up their network (they later reversed that).

I suspect your issue is not that you are being throttled, rather that you are in an area that does not have a strong signal. If you go to Menu > Settings > Network > Signal Strength, what number is listed there? As I mentioned in the other thread, I have never had a problem streaming Slingbox over 3G and I'm a pretty heavy data user.

Have you tried updating your towers, *228? That might up your signal.