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3G Watchdog: Perfect for power users, avoid bill shock!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Osbor, Jun 12, 2010.

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    Jun 7, 2010

    Jun 7, 2010
    3G watchdog
    need a way to make sure you don't get bill shock? just want a way to gauge your actual data usage, perhaps when changing phone plans? then you might want 3G watchdog watching YOU.

    Price; FREE
    Developer; Richard gruet
    Version Compatibility; works from 1.5 on up

    Watchdog, at first, might seem a bit...techy? Graphs and numbers fondle your vision like so many birds pecking a piece of dropped bread, but fear not! it's simply informative. Very very very informative, like every piece of information you could possibly want relating the terms "smartphone" and "data usage" are ready to accept your poking and prodding.

    anyway; at its heart, 3G watchdog is simply a way to monitor your data usage. Upon first starting the app you can set your "data cap" and when your billing cycle resets. This gives the app a kind of "monthly ceiling" to track your data usage against. It uses this data for all its calculations.

    the default screen is as shown. it's certainly not pretty


    as i said, lots of data, all of it helpful. With a simple glance you can tell;
    -how much data you have used over the past day, week, month; split into uploads and downloads
    -how much data you will have used by your bill date (as a percentage of your cap) or when you will exceed your cap at current data usage estimates
    -how much data you have left to burn.

    These images do not include the very simple and compact widget included with watchdog; which simply displays how much data you have used, and what percentage of your cap that is. Very much "at a glance" information.

    Here is the settings page


    The data overage vibrate warning could save your life (or your wallet). And while that data cap requires an additional obscure addon (i didn't test it), it's certainly a cool idea, and puts in place a feature that all cell carriers SHOULD use.

    Certainly a must for power users, or the money conscious. But with most data caps hovering around 5gb, do you really expect to breach that?

    -simple and rich in information
    -will ward off the dreaded BILL SHOCK

    -NOT clean or neat
    -could be considered superfluous for those with "unlimited" data plans of 5gb

    -none i can think of (impressive considering how critical i am)

    This app gets 4 observant digital canines ..... out of 5


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