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3GBattery auto-toggle mobile data to extend battery life!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by whoelse, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Good day,

    I generated some test result for 3GBattery with a 3rd party app [Battery HD] and thought to share them here.

    The purpose of 3GBattery is simple. It allow the smartphone user to automatically toggle on/off mobile data at a set interval when there is no WiFi and therefore extend battery life.

    Without this function, my battery cannot last full day and usually I have to turn data off in the evening so it can last until later part of the day. This is no good because it also mean I no longer receive email and whatsapp this way. Soon, I purchased a external charger while it solve the problem I do think of leaving the charger at home especially during weekend if I am out with the family.

    3GBattery was borned.


    The main app:


    Before 3GBattery, I also look at other app and either they have too many settings to control various parts of the phone which my phone has already been managing so I find little reason to have them again. They seems very complicated to setup effectively. In fact, the largest battery drain is mobile data and it only useful when I am outdoor and without AC. I also study some app, the disconnect mobile data by renaming APN name. This is reliable and easy to do but it seems weird to ask user to disable the APN name before uninstalling the app or otherwise user will have to manually renaming the APN themselves if they uninstall the app before doing this step.

    Read more information in my product blog

    3GBattery at Playstore

    3GBattery is stable, I have been testing it together with some of my friends. For limited time (as stated in playstore), I offer full refund within 24hrs if you do not like the app.


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