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3rd Android coming to vz - not good news

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by snorge, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. snorge

    snorge Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    For those of you holding off on the Eris or Moto Droid on the hopes that a new mystery HTC phone (passion?) is coming out soon this will supposedly be the next Android phone on Verizon's network. Makes me glad I got the Eris when I did.

    A Third Verizon Droid Clears the FCC? | AndroidGuys

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  2. W4LLY

    W4LLY Android Enthusiast

    Eh, that's not the passion. The only thing that would get me giddy is a snapdragon processor.
  3. Mike Anthony

    Mike Anthony Member

    man that thing is ugly. i know it isnt confirmed, but........ :/
  4. motionxxusxx

    motionxxusxx Well-Known Member

    no 3.5mm jack. No thanks
  5. aleis

    aleis Android Expert

    what a POS!
  6. rok8man

    rok8man Member

    I am not a fan of the sliding keyboards....
  7. RayRaysGS430

    RayRaysGS430 Newbie

    NO thanks, i'll still stick to the current droid, plus ours has a bigger screen.
  8. Ataranine

    Ataranine Android Enthusiast

    That concept phone's images have been getting tossed around on the internet for weeks.
    Old news, and besides, it's going to fail if it DOES come out.
  9. bmknapp

    bmknapp Newbie

    Looks almost identical (but somehow worse) to the Moto Droid. Same features as the eris and moto? Smells like consumerism.
  10. Needsdecaf

    Needsdecaf Android Expert

    That phone looks like a 1980's calculator.
  11. mmanuel552

    mmanuel552 Newbie

    No Thanks Ugly as hell will stay with my Eris.

  12. Ataranine

    Ataranine Android Enthusiast

  13. Eric Bishop

    Eric Bishop Well-Known Member

    Verizon is just praying that this piece of garbage will help them to justify charging higher prices for the Droid and Eris.
  14. jmacpga

    jmacpga Newbie

    UGLY! I hope that is the new one! It will confirm I made the right decision last week when I got the ERIS.
  15. Ataranine

    Ataranine Android Enthusiast

    Oh, you did. :)
  16. snorge

    snorge Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yeah that is the main reason I posted it, makes me feel better I didn't wait but from what I've been reading many people are.

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