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4.2.2 [Unofficial] Slimbean [BETA 1]

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jssa28, Dec 16, 2013.

  1. jssa28

    jssa28 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter


    Check out the full feature list here

    100% Built from source

    Now using my new AOSP kernel for kingdom which has some of following

    - 3.0.101 Linux patch
    - ck1 patchset
    - Built with Linaro
    - Updates from Linux 3.4, 3.9 etc.
    - GPU, Video drivers from CAF 3.4
    - Temporarily disabled overclocking to track stability issues

    Thanks @szezso for using some of his kernel patches

    What is not working?

    Front Cam
    Video Cam

    (Bugs reported by users will be updated here after they are confirmed)

    Installation instructions

    Download the latest build
    Download Gapps
    Full wipe and factory reset - Wipe Dalvik
    Flash ROM
    Flash Gapps
    After first boot goes to homescreen, give it a few seconds stuff must load and it will lag a bit during this time

    Let me know any issues :D

    This build should be way smoother than my carbon release as I'm using my modified tree and a new kernel. I will continue to update this rom.

    If you like my work and would like to donate.


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  2. fuzhan8

    fuzhan8 Member

    Thank you very much
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  3. SParker40

    SParker40 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the work. Gonna check it out right now. Will post back after I use it for a while.
  4. SParker40

    SParker40 Well-Known Member

    I can already say for sure I like this ROM. It has a nice feel to it and a lot more options to make if the way we want if to be. I haven't really out if to the test yet but just wanted to say that for now. Its laggy at first as mentioned but some very good work if seems. Thanks again.
  5. dringnine

    dringnine Lurker

    thank you for what you guys have done for our device .
  6. nonamed

    nonamed Lurker

    Thanks for the great work on the phone. I have only 1 little question. Is it possible to make video cam working on any 4.1+ ROM, or it is too hard to do? I'm nothing know about making android ROMs, but i see that all 4.2+ kingdom roms without property working video camera.
    Anyway, thanks again for working on this phone's ROM, that's a hard work, good luck!
  7. fuzhan8

    fuzhan8 Member

    lights still doesn't work
  8. Raphantom

    Raphantom Newbie

    SMS does not work on gsm
    Headphones not working
    youtube not working
    camera problems
    missing FM radio

    otherwise very good job, thanks
  9. jssa28

    jssa28 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    answering a few questions here

    FM radio will be back in the next build
    Working on youtube and streaming playback
    Camera is a work in progress, it will eventually work including video recording
    Lights being worked on also

    Can anyone tell me if there has been any trouble with reboots or system UI crashes? I've been working on those issues since my carbon release and hopefully they are gone / mostly gone!
  10. patsfann

    patsfann Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me if there has been any trouble with reboots or system UI crashes? I've been working on those issues since my carbon release and hopefully they are gone / mostly gone! ,...,...........,.......,..,...,............. Yes I have gotten random reboots and UI crashes now back on your blue Kingdom because of not being able to deal with it waiting for update will try again but all in all awesome work again thank you for all your work and progress on this phone. love you Mann....(not a homo) .....just love your work !!!!
  11. AGLtech

    AGLtech Android Enthusiast

    OK so far on first boot. I'll report more back soon
  12. jssa28

    jssa28 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    working on crashes i believe its something related to phone service

    i might have just fixed the lights also

    the lag at first is because so many apps are outdated and they lag when updating in the play store, its normal
  13. jssa28

    jssa28 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I've narrowed down where these crashes are coming from, won't be too long now
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  14. torch2424

    torch2424 Newbie

    Hell yeah, thank you very much! :D
  15. Achy1977

    Achy1977 Newbie

    I dont know if its a bug or im just missing a setting but when a plug a headphone or external speakers the phone keeps using the internal speakers.
    The phone rebooted twice when using chrome, that is the only crash that i had with this rom so far, good job bro.
  16. jssa28

    jssa28 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    bug, im working on it:D
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  17. AGLtech

    AGLtech Android Enthusiast

    All was good until I tried to apply a theme, then just went into a bootloop. Just had to recover. It was a kit kat theme from play store
  18. patsfann

    patsfann Well-Known Member

    If it's theme your looking for ,, I went with kit kat for apex works great 4 me...
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  19. herry ep

    herry ep Member

    i will try it to gsm... :)
  20. herry ep

    herry ep Member

    nice rom..
  21. vaibhav0305

    vaibhav0305 Lurker

    Do any1 hav idea hiw to turn off the proximity sensor for this rom
  22. herry ep

    herry ep Member

    Thanks jssa... My signal gsm full now.. :))
  23. So is this better than bluekingdom ?

    Is it quicker?^
    Bluekingdom at 4.0.3 1.4Ghz stock, Slimbean 4.2.2 1.2Ghz Stock. Slimbean is quicker or snappier whichever you like to use for improvement.

    Is it less laggy?^
    I can verify that it is less laggy or smoother vs bluekingdom

  24. 1. Same here, I can not stand that proximity sensor, utterly useless to me. waste battery life too.

    2. Also would like to include that usb mass storage with macs 10.9 does not work. there is an error and a continuous loop loading on the android device trying to connect.

    Can someone verify with windows?

    a. When making the status bar transparent, the "wifi-logo" appears to have dark colored lines in between the bars of the wifi. Is there a way to make this transparent?
    b. Give us the option to change the wifi color too ( doesn't make sense if color is changeable for battery and time/date and not wifi.
  25. joe5150

    joe5150 Member

    It seems that long texts won't go through. Don't know the exact character limit. Bit I've had to split them in half in order for them to send properly. Also apps won't restore from my All In One backup. So having to do them one by one. Other than that... Nice, simple, light ROM.

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