Help 4.3 Update


I'm glad that I'm able to use emojis now on the Galaxy S4 from the 4.3 update.. I can see the emojis perfectly fine when people post them on instagram/twitter etc. But when I receive emojis from an iphone user I'm not able to see the emoji. All I see is something similar to "x=/", "x=\@"
Anyone else having the problem? The iphone user can see my emojis perfectly fine, but I can't see theirs.


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Emojis are actually just characters, the same as emoticons. The apps that you see them in translate things like a : and a ) to a smiley face (like this forum software would if I had typed them next to each other).

Emojis aren't native to Android, Linux or Windows. Apple has incorporated the ability to send and receive them in the iPhone. You can use special keyboard apps to send emails with emojis and you can install emoji fonts to see them in your phone.