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4.3 upgrade-Ford sync problem

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by elijahbird7, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. elijahbird7

    elijahbird7 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Just did the 4.3 update on Verizon. My phone always automatically connected to My Ford Touch on my 2013 F-150. Now, when I get in the truck and start it, synch screen shows the wheel spinning and ...connecting. Then it never connects and then says...connect phone.
    The only way I can get it to connect is to take out the phone, click on the wheel for settings, select Bluetooth, scroll down to Paired Devices, "sync", then select the wheel for "Settings" under sync and choose "Call Audio". A checkmark will appear and it will then connect to My Ford Touch....problem is I have to do this every time I get in the truck.. The selection "Call Audio" goes away every time I turn off the truck and walk away. A real pain. I am so frustrated I may do the unthinkable and get the phone with a fruit on it..

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  2. thatzguy

    thatzguy Lurker

    I had the exact same issue when my S3 upgraded to 4.3 and I think I have just solved it. It held through several cycles of starting and shutting down the car so I am optimistic. I had to turn on a MAP profile in the car setup. For my 2012 Taurus it was under SETTINGS, ADVANCED, then to MAP profile which I set to ON.

    Hopefully this will work for you. You don't want a fruitty phone...
  3. elijahbird7

    elijahbird7 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I will see if I have that menu on the My Ford Touch with Navigation tomorrow. I would never get this type of answer by stopping at my Verizon store! I just figured out yesterday how to turn off the camera flash notification that started to happen after the update, which I learned on here. Hopefully you have helped me solve this one as well. I do like this phone, but will be very reluctant to ever do another upgrade. It seems like every upgrade has screwed up something that used to work, but then no longer does. My brother just picked up a 2010 Lincoln MKS and said his Navigation did not tell him where to turn. I was able to solve that one by showing him how to navigate the menu on his system to change Voice from Off to On. Thank you and I will post if this solution works...THANKS
  4. elijahbird7

    elijahbird7 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    No luck. I don't have an "Advanced" settings option. I spent about 30 minutes going through every menu item on My Ford Touch. Nothing made any difference and connected the phone. Frustrating.
  5. elijahbird7

    elijahbird7 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I went to the Verizon store yesterday and spend an hour with the tech online with support and they only came up with a factory reset, which didn't solve the issue. After spending a couple of hours getting my phone back to where I had it with wallpaper, lock screen, apps etc., I decided to go online to Ford Sync Support. Got on the instant chat and from there got a phone number of a lady who was familiar with this issue. She gave me step by step directions on how to resolve this.
    It's basically a factory reset of sync (settings, settings/system/factory reset) while you have unpaired the phone, and turned off Bluetooth. Then remove the phone's battery while sync resets. Once sync is done, put the battery back in the phone, go to setting/Bluetooth/scan. When the phone finds sync, click and follow onscreen instructions, and it's back to automatically connecting as before this 4.3 update. So happy this was a relatively easy resolution even though I've spent since 12/22/13 when I did the update trying to figure this out.
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  6. icerik

    icerik Lurker

    I used the Ford factory reset yesterday (posted above) for my Droid Razor Z with jellybean 4.4.2 It worked perfectly!! After 1 year of getting pissed off at droid and Ford Sync, I finally have my BT working again.

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