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4.4 Update Discussion And Issues HERE !!!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rom8v38and39, Jun 18, 2014.

  1. rom8v38and39

    rom8v38and39 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    The Sprint KitKat 4.4 has downloaded and is available for installation on my phone. I started this thread with a common title with the 4.3 update.

    I have very few complaints with 4.3 now, and I'm not anxious to go to KitKat without feedback.

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    Once you update to 4.4, you can't go back to 4.3. 4.4 doesn't seem to give you much. And updating S2s and S3s to 4.4 has led to some problems (which, since you can't go back, aren't easily fixable).
  3. chmodx

    chmodx Android Enthusiast

    One thing I've find us the new GPS/location configuration. Many apps such as beautiful widgets cease to function unless you turn on full location. It's pretty stupid what Google is doing lately. Also, hide picture type programs no longer work in 4.4.
    Between the current routes of android and maps, I'm thinking too big to fail may have passed for Google. I'm seriously considering a different os on my next phone in November.
  4. Wiggidy

    Wiggidy Lurker

    I only have one problem with the new 4.4 update. For whatever reason, I can't delete certain folders and find it impossible to move downloaded files to different folders. It's really pissing me off.
  5. mh68

    mh68 Member

    Since the update, my Note 2 is charging EXTREMELY SLOW! One of my friends has one also and his is doing the same thing. Anyone experiencing this issue?

  6. Toddo97

    Toddo97 Newbie

    Mine isn't super slow, but seems to have lost a beat compared to 4.3. I'm trying to decide whether to try a factory reset or if it's something I can live with.
  7. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Android Expert

    I was reading an article that Google Now recommended this morning and the article said that the 4.4.2 Note 2 for Verizon customers was rolling out. Is this true? Has anyone with a Verizon branded Note 2 gotten this update yet?
  8. Toddo97

    Toddo97 Newbie

    I got it on my VZ N2 last week
  9. JLFitzpatrick

    JLFitzpatrick Lurker

    Sprint Galaxy Note II: I would NOT recommend updating to 4.4.2. The update rendered my phone nearly useless. Primary issue has been Battery Drain, take it off the charger when I get up at 5:00 AM and it was nearly dead by 10:00 AM. In the past it would be at least 80%. The update also rendered many simple functions inoperable. And it was very slow and 'twitchy', always seemed a step behind like it was busy doing something I didn't need it to. Very frustrating for a tool I rely on for my business. A couple of days ago I was able to research the Battery Drain issue and installed an App called 'Battery Doctor'. I knew these Apps were out there, but before the update didn't really need to bother with it. That App has nearly restored the phone to a usable piece of hardware again. Found that many background Apps were just sucking the battery down, like Viber (35%) and S-Voice (32%). Now I prevent those from auto-starting and the phone is again usable. As an example, sending an email on my Yahoo account the phone no longer finds my contacts when I start typing their name. Now I'm required to select the 'face' button to open the contacts App and select from there. So another App has to open, use more battery, and be closed manually. I tell you, this 'update' has been anything but. You'd think it would offer some improvements. Really sorry I performed the update but now I'm stuck with it or waste more time trying to reset and re-load everything. Kit Kat, unlike the Hershey's product, is a big FAIL.
  10. geobjork

    geobjork Member

    4.4.2 has a lot of bugs, the worst power draining bug is the camera app. A factory reset does not help. The best is to go into app manager and manually force close the camera and other apps triggering the camera. If you have apps like Skype etc. that triggers the camera app, the best is to uninstall it. Android has released a fix, 4.4.3, where they fixed thirty something bugs but as far as I know only available for Nexus at this point. How long it takes for other phones to get it depends on the carrier and what phone you have. Do not try to go back to 4.3, there is a big risk of bricking your phone, (most likely you will) .

    A factory reset will not solve the power consumption caused by the camera app. Also, it does not help with another camera app since it is impossible to uninstall the stock camera app that is the one triggering the bug. Here is some info. A lot more info. is available on the net, just google.
    KitKat giving you battery drain problems? Try uninstalling Skype, says Google as it prepares a fix | ZDNet

    Other known bugs are random disconnect WiFi and phone calls, random restarts, apps not working properly. I understand that uninstalling and reinstalling those apps helps, sometimes.

    I found that shutting of the phone when charging and force close the involved apps when starting it somewhat helps on the power drain. Had I known this, I would never have updated to 4.4.2. My 4.3 was perfect and now with 4.4.2 it is a total mess. I also use Skype, but it drains the battery like pouring out a bucket of water. So does everything else involving the camera. Worst of all, there is no way back. Hopefully 4.4.3 will be released FOR ALL PHONES involved, SOON!!
  11. I am extremely unhappy with the Verizon update.
    1. I have not found anything that is improved with the update.
    2. The new security feature implemented with Kitkat that stops applications from writing to my SD card has really honked up File Manager HD, Pro Knitting Database and Droid TV. I'm sure there are others. These are just the ones that I've found so far.
    3. While Foxfi works, the security certificate is now requiring a lockscreen that I have not yet been able to disable.

    I'm not a fan of updates anyway. I was REALLY happy with my phone the way it was. I would not have done it if I could have figured out how to permanently stop it. Verizon basically forced it on me. Only the fear of messing up the functionality I have left and having no idea where to start makes me hesitate rooting my phone.

    One positive note - I don't find that battery is any worse.

    UPDATE: Have found that Dropbox and Skydrive can no longer access my SD card. Only location is very limited internal memory.

    UPDATE #2: The DroidTV people have come up with a very nice update that addresses the problem of being able to put their very large video files on the SD card. Additionally, it has other upgrades that are very good. I heard back from the Dropbox & the File Manager support people. They are aware of the difficulties caused by the Kitkat update but have no fix for it currently. There is also no solution for the Knitting Database problem except a cumbersome work around. Fortunately, the population that uses a knitting app is probably pretty small. So far the only tool that I have found that allows me to write and delete from/to the SD card is the native file manager.
  12. mh68

    mh68 Member

    I haven't experienced the battery drain that so many are, but like I said, it takes forever for my battery to charge now. I'm going to try a factory reset when I can take the time to do it to see if that helps.

  13. chmodx

    chmodx Android Enthusiast

    The location enabled thing is stupid. Give me the options to simply specify gps. Not this complicated all or none stuff.
  14. iPigz

    iPigz Newbie

    Unfortunately, while on vacay last week i accepted the rogers (canada) update for 4.4.2 & am so disappointed i did. wasn't really paying attention & know i should read-up on an update before installing.

    main issue for me is battery drain. was 100% from a charge 4.5 hrs. ago, now @ 77%.

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  15. CandleJakk

    CandleJakk Newbie

    Should I wait for an OTA update (kitkat 4.4) or download from sammobile? Any differences will be there?
  16. Genipera

    Genipera Lurker

    I got the update last week on my Note 2 with Verizon. It keeps freezing! Much slower and Facebook keeps locking. This is worst update ever!! I don't see option to disable security code. Screen is slow to non responsive. Basic phone tasks are challenging to accomplish. Any work arounds to get it back to "normal"?
  17. andygu3

    andygu3 Android Expert

    Sounds like you need to do a factory reset
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  18. casarosa

    casarosa Android Enthusiast

    Reading all these postings and troubles sounds like KITKAT is only good for one thing are Samsung really bothered about it's customers the answer to that is........NO,NO,NO, next model
  19. NeoGrandizer

    NeoGrandizer Android Expert

    Yeah I got the software update too from Telus. When it downloaded and asked me to update I hit later. Went into my settings and disabled auto update. Force stopped software update, rebooted in recovery console, cache wiped, rebooted and all is good. After my horrendous experience with 4.3, I just don't have the energy or time for this. The biggest gripe would be how it handles file management. No thank you.

    My next phone will most likely be a non Android phone.
  20. casarosa

    casarosa Android Enthusiast

    I did the same and was able to disable the auto update when I realized people were having big problems with the 4.3 update mine was a sim free note 2 so it did give me the option to check the box but unfortunately some people on contracts do not have the choice.......shame on Samsung for not fixing the problems but as you know it's all about the money
  21. BigRedGonzo

    BigRedGonzo Android Expert

    Well, my wife got her update about a week ago and the only bad thing about it was that she accepted the update while on mobile data. There is a nice chunk gone from this month's allotment. I found out on the 19th that it was out and went home intent on seeing if she had been offered it yet. I picked up the phone and went to check for it and "Whoop, there it is." She loves it. Her battery life is the same and she says that things seem quicker. Now she is as far from "techy" as they get, remember she didn't know she had updated, but she says she can tell a difference. I guess this is like the S4 update, my was great, others not so much. I messed with her phone for a bit and was quite impressed with it after the update.

    Just a different opinion,
  22. geobjork

    geobjork Member

    This is the worst update I've ever had. I stopped using my Note 2 and got a little inexpensive LG Optimus L5 ll Dual SIM that I enjoy a lot more these days, now I can take pictures and use Skype and still have battery left after two-three days.

    Unless an improvement is done to KitKat on my Note 2, it stays in the drawer untill ready for the dump.
  23. nsa_sailor

    nsa_sailor Android Enthusiast

    I'm on the fence about this. I'm interested in trying it, but I'm rooted and Rommed, so I need the custom ROM from XDA, but nervous about how the install will go...

    ROM 4.4.2
  24. tube517

    tube517 Android Expert

    Since you are rooted, you can nandroid backup your current set up and try this ROM. If you don't like it, you can restore your nandroid backup and go back to your original set up
  25. dpullen

    dpullen Newbie

    I inadvertently got the update last night, AT&T note 2.

    So far, I actually love it. Much faster, no lag in the user interface, everything seems to work well.

    I'm not sure how I lucked out in terms of having the magic combination, but wanted everyone to know that it isn't necessarily all bad...

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