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4 on demand

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wimpythewhite, May 16, 2011.

  1. wimpythewhite

    wimpythewhite Member
    Thread Starter

    Wondered if anyone knew if 4 on demand is available as an app, I have the BBC iplayer .Thanks in advance

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  2. williamj1

    williamj1 Android Enthusiast

    Not available as an app directly no.

    However, I know the website works in the browser with flash. It's not brilliant, but it works as long as you don't fiddle and skip etc.

    Also, a lot of 4OD content goes up on another site (which you may have heard of) called Seesaw? (Seesaw.com). That works perfectly via flash in a browser.

    Finally, if all else fails this app ( https://market.android.com/details?id=tvshows.kiio.es ) in the market has a lot of content. Maybe not unusual stuff like documentary's, but large shows like Skins and friends are up. It does update shows fairly quickly e.g. Britains got talent on saturday will be up on that by Sunday night.

    So lots of options, none as good as the real thing but practical solutions none the less. No app (or even suggestion of one) just yet.
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  3. wimpythewhite

    wimpythewhite Member
    Thread Starter

    That is fantastic many thanks
  4. HTCandroid

    HTCandroid Well-Known Member

    just bought the app linked above whilst it is on sale. Awesome, thanks
  5. williamj1

    williamj1 Android Enthusiast

    It's a damn good app I must admit. It's not perfect, but it for me is one of the reasons I so badly love android... Google haven't pulled it :)

    (Imagine if they added downloads - lol that would be immense)

    PS, there is a movie equivalent by the same dev if you are interested ;)


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  6. OFI

    OFI Android Enthusiast

    I'm not exactly sure how this app provides its content but I'd be worried about spending any money on an app like that especially not that full price.
    I've seen a couple of those apps come and go. First one of its kind was about
  7. williamj1

    williamj1 Android Enthusiast

  8. HTCandroid

    HTCandroid Well-Known Member

    ye downloading would be awesome. Oh my, movies too :D I really shouldn't be bothering with this stuff right now, essay deadline by wednesday and another 1800 words to go lol

    Tbh im not too worried if it gets taken down, at
  9. trevytrev

    trevytrev Well-Known Member

    I've had TV show stream installed since February and so I doubt it'll be going anywhere soon, surely Google would have pulled it by now if they were going to?

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