Thought we should make a list on how to save your androids battery life.
- Turn off wifi when not in use
- Put phone into airoplane mode/turn off when not in service
- Use JuiceDefender
- Keep your screen brightness as low as possible
- Change settings so it uses only 2G when you can
- Use a black background (AMOLED Displays)
- Set screen timeout time to shortest
- Turn off bluetooth when not required
- Turn off GPS
- Turn off vibration
- Getting a task killer and killing apps not in use
- Disable apps that sync constantly
- Disable auto sync & background data
- Set emails to sync less frequently
- Set apps like facebook to sync less regularly
- Disable/Remove apps you dont use
- Delete homescreen widgets you dont use
- Don't use a live wallpaper
- Keep the battery from getting hot
- Download battery doctor
- Consider purchasing a larger battery (legitimate ones come with a larger case)
Does anyone have any other ways to save battery? if so i'll add them in


Check six!
Hi, and welcome to Android Forums!

Everything you list is a valid way of reducing battery use, but most come at the cost of convenience. Some, like using task killer apps with recent Android versions, will actually result in additional battery drain. The trick is to eliminate everything that you don't need, and optimise the stuff that you do.