49ers and DirecTV


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I used to have directTv but where I live now doesn't allow it. Is there anyway to watch the 49ers online or at least listen to them?


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KNBR 680 AM if you're in range, 50,000 watts

look for a site named frontrowsports, or close to that, they have games on at times


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I had Directv until I moved into my current house where I can't get it. Last year I had directv installed at a friends house and just paid for it, then after the season I gave directv my address and they confirmed there is no line of site again at my house = no cancellation fee. I payed for the minimum package (about $30 a month) and NFL Sunday ticket was free. I was able to watch every Cowboys game last year. Might be an option to look into.

BTW... Cowboys will get 6 before the 49ers :p


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BTW... Cowboys will get 6 before the 49ers :p

Sure they will... as long as Romo can hold onto the ball during a routine field goal.

To the OP: Just do what I do. Use the "must watch the 49ers (also a fan) but it doesn't play in my market so I have to go have wings and beer at the sports bar" excuse.

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Not sure if it works entirely as I am new to it but quite a few people seem to use playon to watch sports on their tv.
Just google playon and then check out playon scripts as well.edit:I added links
You need to have a game console or roku to play the content on your tv, but sports seems to be a big reason why people use playon.
Just an idea.


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sorry not into football! now nascar that is me:D!! and i know to each their own, which is ok and makes the world go round.

i didn't beat on football out of respect for it, so hope no one beats on nascar out of the same respect. you can not like it, but don't beat on it.