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4G Connection -- Obtaining IP Address???

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by goheels1, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. goheels1

    goheels1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am right outside Chicago and have yet to be able to connect to 4G. I seems like the Evo is starting to connect to 4G, but then just sits with the message of "Obtaining IP address from Sprint". I have left it in this state for 30 mins, and nothing happens. Does anyone know if this is a fault of the phone, or maybe a lack of coverage?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I think I am going back to Sprint in the morning for them to review the phone. Even the salesperson said we get GREAT 4G coverage in our area!?!?

  2. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    Same thing here. Never gets past "Scanning" right inside the door. Step out onto the balcony and it sits at "Obtaining IP address" forever.
  3. sagedil

    sagedil Android Expert

    Mine was doing that all day and finally connected the last time I turned 4G on.
  4. h2_hummer

    h2_hummer Newbie

    I got my Evo 2 weeks ago at Google I/O and have been working with Sprint every since on this exact problem. I am in Raleigh, NC. There was also one other person I talked to that was having this problem. Sprint has tried EVERYTHING, still no luck.

    They told me today, that they were going to have to ship me a new phone.

    If anyone figures out how to fix this, please let us know.

    My phone finds the 4G network, but just sits at "Obtaining IP address from Sprint"

    Thanks... C
  5. AM2

    AM2 Android Enthusiast

    i was also having this problem...the answer was twofold...i had to take the battery out a couple times before knowing what the issue was...i also had to turn the 4g on and off again...the rep i talked to suggested turning it off, and then back on again....what it ended up boiling down to was that the signal penetration was just not that good in my house, or my backyard for that matter....as soon as i stepped outside my front door, it went from scanning to connecting, and as soon as i stepped back in the house, it went right back to scanning....and i'm in charlotte which is saturated with coverage "supposedly"....i tested this out numerous times, and sure nuff it appears to be a signal strength issue at least with me....it's definately hard to swallow that being swamped by coverage has no effect when i'm indoors...and i have windows all around my house and that made no difference....i couldn't get too mad...i had to just realize that this is a very new tech, and at least until they build it out more etc., this will probably be an issue for most....but i def now see those penetration issues i've read about with wimax...i thought it would only be a problem if i was like in a basement somewhere, but not the case obviously...the silver lining is that i did get a good signal outside, and as long as that means i should have no issues in my car and in other parts of town, i guess i can deal until it gets better...besides, i have wifi in my house, and i have no problem using that if i need blazing speed at home
  6. eric3316

    eric3316 Android Enthusiast

    I work in Raleigh/Morrisville area and got my EVO today. Put on 4G and it worked with no problems. I didn't see it say anything about obtaining an IP address.
  7. goheels1

    goheels1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have tried inside, outside, in a car...still it only says "Obtaining IP Address from Sprint".

    I will try pulling the battery and doing some more tests today, hopefully I will get it to work.
  8. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    24 hours in and nary a 4G connection, and I've been around town today.

    Got off the phone with Sprint tech support just now and they told me there's a 4G trouble ticket in for my zip code, but that doesn't explain why 4G was working at the Sprint store today and they still couldn't get my phone to pull an IP.

    I'm getting pretty frustrated at this point. I really don't want to go back to my iPhone after using this Evo but it's looking more and more like I might have to.

    3G speeds continue to be abysmal and voice in my apartment (100 yards from I-10 in Houston) is sketchy at best. I was also told there could be a problem with those towers in the area as well, but that sounded awfully strange to me.
  9. goheels1

    goheels1 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I went to 2 Sprint stores and Best Buy today. The Evo's they had all connected to 4G, while mine was trying to Obtain an IP Address. I even called Sprint and their tech support could not figure out the issue.

    The result of each conversion was..."simply return the phone for a new one, must be a glitch with the 4G radio".

    I am now on another waiting list at Best Buy for a replacement unit.

    Let me know if anyone knows a way to fix this. I really like the phone, and I haven't even been able to hit 4G yet!
  10. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    Same. I called Best Buy shortly after sending that last post and they have me on the waiting list for a new phone. Typical of my luck, really.
  11. Wimax can be funny about this. I have no problem finding a signal. Here is something for you to try.

    Turn off the phone. Move to a area that is clear and open as you can get with in a 4g area. Turn on the phone. Turn on the 4g. Give it about 20 mins to find the signal. If that does not work, turn off the phone and try again in a different area. There is soo much bandwidth, that the phone has to search the whole section to find it. First it uses a very narrow mhz, when that does not work, it increases the path by a few mhz. Then resorts to broad searches. When the phone finds the 4g mhz, it will look for that mhz next time it is turned on. You best bet is to get out of your house, and clear off all obstructions for the first tries. Lastly do not move the phone will it is try to search.
  12. eieio

    eieio Android Expert

    Everyone with 4g problems can you look at you bill online and see if the 10 4g add on was applied?? If not call Sprint and ask them to check..

    A lot of accounts did not get this. If it was not applied 4g will not work.

    Unfortunately it is new and bb, rs and sprint reps are in the dark.. Ask them to check to see if the 10 dollar ad on was applied..
  13. Headcase_Fargone

    Headcase_Fargone Well-Known Member

    Checked my account online and I am indeed being charged the $10 fee. Was worth a shot though. Guess I'll be waiting until a new phone comes in.

    It wouldn't be so bad if I could get more than 100Kbps down on the 3G connection. That's kiloBITS, not bytes. It's not even usable here in Houston.
  14. fredseaw

    fredseaw Lurker

    Have this problem with one my two (wife's works fine but mine doesn't) devices. Spent half an hour on phone with Sprint, hard reset etc.

    Then, was told the same as goheels1, "return the phone and get a replacement..."

    Of course, BestBuy doesn't have any spares, so I'll be on a wait-list as well.
  15. jayso27

    jayso27 Lurker

    I have this issue as well. Got my Evo on launch day and am in an excellent 4G market, but get the same message. Stuck on "Obtaining IP Address from Sprint" however, after contacting Sprint (and factory resetting my phone twice yay) they said that they were going to open a ticket and I would call back from a rep within 48-72 hours. Well I didn't, I did get a call about the service I recieved and asked if I would like a callback from their "priority response team" since my issue wasn't resolved on my initial call.

    So I got my callback from the priority response team today and they wanted to factory reset my phone again. I explained that I had done this twice and there should've been a ticket opened up already for this issue. After checking with their tech support department they informed me that there is currently a nationwide 4G outage and that I'll get a callback tomorrow.

    If I need to get a new phone I wish they'd tell me so I can hurry up and get on a waiting list. The 3G speeds are good, and I connect Wi-Fi a lot, but considering this phone is the first 4G phone and I'm in a great 4G market (a guy in my office uses a Clear WiMax modem at work and pulls amazing speeds from it) it'd be nice to use the phone on an actual 4G connection.

    Anyone else having these issues? I go between the San Antonio and Austin area, primarily New Braunfels and San Marcos and all of those cities have 4G coverage.
  16. Oxmox

    Oxmox Lurker

    I'm in Oakhill, in Austin, TX. I'm smak in the middle of the darkblue area of the 4G coverage map. I get the phone to detect 4G is available, authorize, then it says stays on "Obtaining IP Address from Sprint," and just stays that way.

    My own suspicion was my phone was provisioned wrong. Usually when you can see the network and get on it but not get an IP it's because your MAC address isn't registered with the network, so you're not given access. The tech I called said that indeed the store who setup my phone failed to register my MAC on the WiMax network. They did so, and had me pull the battery and restart the phone.

    Still no dice though -- I get obtaining message. I didn't hear anything about a nationwide outage. Sprint is using Clear for their WiMax, and I have Clear internet at my house, it works awesome. I just wish I could say the same for Sprint reselling Clear on my 4G EVO!!

  17. mcbtrain929

    mcbtrain929 Android Expert

    same for me in chicago. haven't been able to use 4G in a building. when i'm outside, not much of a problem. kinda frustrating.
  18. jayso27

    jayso27 Lurker

    Update on my situation:

    After dealing with these clowns this week, I finally got a rep to admit that I need a new phone. So going to Best Buy to exchange phones which probably means waiting list. But half the techs there didn't know what they were talking about. One tech tried to tell me that In-Building on their coverage map meant the network was being built so coverage would be spotty at best. But that really means is (and if you go to Sprint and look at their coverage map and click on the phrase 'In-Building') that tells you what you can expect your service level to be when you're INSIDE a building. I also pointed out the rep that I've tried the phone in Austin, San Marcos, New Braunfels, and San Antonio (All 4G cities) and it doesn't work. My friend's does. Also I could go buy a Clear WiMax modem right now and connect to the same service my phone is trying to connect to. But I basically got the run around til I got a hold of their advanced support dept. Here is the number for all you all having the same issue:


    Good luck!
  19. MSmith

    MSmith Newbie

    Bad news for anyone else that experiences this problem, you are looking at a replacement phone. Had the same problem and after two reprogram tries and a factory reset I'm going too be ordering a replacement. Sucks. Badly. Good luck to everyone else with this problem and make sure to call the number above that was a big help.
  20. royal42crown

    royal42crown Member

    Well I'm not having this issue but the 4G cover here is really bad. I'm getting an average of 832kbps with a high of 1809 an lowes of 402 with speed test vs average of 619kbps on my hero 3g with highs around 1156 an lows of 207. From my understanding 4g is suppost to be 10xfaster according to sprints website shoot our clear rep said they reported upto 15mb with the wi-max card in this area. Really makes me think I'm going to have to send my phone back and hope for a good one. I really wouldn't mind but the difference right now just doesn't stand out like they advertise.

  21. wjrandon

    wjrandon Newbie

    For people in a 4G coverage area that are getting the looping notification message "4G! is available" but aren't able to obtain an IP address I believe there's a solution for the problem.

    From the home screen go into the Evo's settings and select "Wireless & Networks" uncheck the "Mobile Network: Use Phone for data connection When 4G is unavailable" checkbox.

    Make sure the "4G" check box above is enabled.

    Your Evo 4G should then reset the data connection and successfully connect to the 4G network. Afterwards go ahead and recheck the "Mobile Network" check box.

    That'll allow you to disconnect from the 4G service and enable 3G data if you lose signal or travel out of area.

    If this helped you, spread the word and hit Thanks.

    You're welcome.
  22. MSmith

    MSmith Newbie

    There is no such checkbox. Just a"mobile network" checkbox
    No box named "Mobile Network: Use Phone for data connection When 4G is unavailable".
  23. wjrandon

    wjrandon Newbie

    The "use Phone for data connection When 4G is unavailable" is written into the subset underneath the checkbox dude.
  24. MSmith

    MSmith Newbie

    Not on either of my two evos. The Mobile Network subset reads either "connected" or "connect to the internet" depending on the checkbox state.

    There is no "use Phone for data connection When 4G is unavailable" subset in any wireless and networks setting.
  25. jskaggs

    jskaggs Lurker

    ive been using my evo as my home internet connection over the hotspot feature for a month with no issues ever getting a signal. Today I got the looping message and thats why I'm here. I know its been suggested but I at least wanted to share that the "going outside and restarting" method solved the issue for me. Worth a shot, and beats a waiting list of any kind if it happens to work...

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