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4G Coverage Question

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Supanovah, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. Supanovah

    Supanovah Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I'm new to the forum and will be buying my Indulge today or tomorrow and I had one 4G Coverage question. I know many of you have utilized the metropcs coverage map, i.e. MetroPCS | Coverage and by using the 4G tab can view the 4G coverage areas.

    I wanted to know how "accurate" is this map? Have any of you accessed 4G on the "outskirts" of the "purple?"

    I'm asking because when I type in my address, my house falls like a mile or so just outside of the purple 4G area on the map. I'm curious if I may still be able to pick it up anyway....

    Any and all info would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. Gus3300

    Gus3300 Newbie

    Well I live in Miami, which is covered by 4G, but i live in the OUTSKIRTS of Miami, and i dont receive it much so I always stick with wifi when at home, but when I drive about 5 minutes towards the center, i get my 4g. It's been known for Metro to advertise false locations for 4G, so if you DO receive (which is possible) it would be weak (like mine, my phone switches back and forth between 4G and 1x at home)
  3. Gus3300

    Gus3300 Newbie

    I was also up in Gainsville 2 weeks ago (northern florida) and i received no 4G (because it wasn't covered in that area)

    PS: I just checked and where I live I'm INSIDE the 4g range, but the signal is weak.. so now that i think of it, it might be a bit hard for you to get it
  4. Gus3300

    Gus3300 Newbie

    and btw, i live about 5 minutes inside of the border of the 4g coverage in Miami
  5. Supanovah

    Supanovah Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Gus thanks for your responses bro. That actually helps me out alot and gives me better insight on the coverage. I was just curious.....I'm still getting the phone :D

    It's just frustrating because I can look out my window and almost "see" the purple...lol. Sad part about it, I dont really see Metro expanding the coverage anytime soon (I hope I'm wrong).

    Thanks again
  6. Gus3300

    Gus3300 Newbie

    I have a hunch that the next android phone being released by metro will be some time this summer, so you can wait for it (which is possible it'll have better coverage since now they have experience). The main reason why i got it instead of waiting is because its an android phone WITH a keyboard (those arent so common and i live by it). So its up to you.

    BUT if you want unlimited Youtube, get the phone quick because Metro is about to cut off that service for new costumers. I read it today on one of the threads on this Samsung Indulge Forum, so look into it and make your decision.

    Possible suggestion: get a metro account quick so you can have unlimited Youtube service but with a cheap android phone for now (like the Optimus M) and then buy the new one later on
  7. no just new customers, all customers. Its not like we have a contract that we can hold them to.
  8. myrieboy

    myrieboy Member

    the coverage Map on they're site is pretty accurate, with the zooming tools they had available i am able to see where my 4G coverage ends/begins and once i begin travelling towards that "line" of 4G coverage (travelling to one of my work locations) i loose the 4G and remain in 1x as i travel into the deeper parts of Long Island NY. but once i make my way back into the borough of Queens NY towards that 4G border i get it back just as the map on they're site shows. so to me, it's pretty accurate and up to date.
  9. sreum

    sreum Android Enthusiast

    Yeah where the 4G cutts off it will cutt off with metro. Or thats my experiance. And actually the purple will even go over some dead areas with in it. So it really isnt that accurate as far as im concerned. Trial and error is the best test! lol

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