Help 4G Feature not turning on in my EVO

I have rooted my EVO with Unrevoked. My phone has been working fine until last week when my 4g button would not stay on. I live in Atlanta and there is pretty good 4G coverage in the city and I never had any issues before.I usually can leave the 4g button all day and it won't turn off on it's own. I factory re-set my phone and 4g was working fine again. As soon as I restored my phone with Titanium Backup, the 4g button would light up for about a second and cut off again. I factory restored my phone yet a second time with the same results. Working fine until I restored it. I'm thinking that it may be an app that keeps getting installed everytime that I restore with Titanium, but how can I figure out which one? Thanks guys.


It's not going to be an easy task... it's not like the app is just sticking out.

First off... if there is any Task killer install on the phone remove it. It would be hard deleting all your apps and start all over again... right.

Start by removing all the unnecessary ones that you don't need. Also, try to figure out any one that you think would be the culprit. If none of these work then you might think of starting over. There is also AppBrain that can sync all your apps to your Google account. The only thing is - you would have to manually reinstall your apps.

Good luck


Android Expert
Restoring some things manually is just a fact of rooting. You can't always do things the easy way :). As you can see, it just breaks things some times, and you end up spending more time trying to figure out why than it would have taken to just restore apps manually (even just one at a time with TB). Trust me, it's worth the extra time.