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4g in Jacksonville

Discussion in 'Sprint' started by iboombastic, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. iboombastic

    iboombastic Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Can anybody confirm if 4g is available in Jax yet. I've heard multiple reports that it was. Also anybody in Orlando getting 4g.

  2. while waiting for my phone to activate at BB, I asked the guy about Orlando's 4G. He said while it is impossible to get any data, he was able to connect to a 4G tower in south downtown. He also said they they plan on having the full I-4 corridor(Orlando, Jacksonville, Daytona, Tampa) live by the end of August. I'm hoping he's right, I really looking forward to taking advantage of the higher speeds. If only it was done by next week for the World Cup.
  3. evojoel

    evojoel Member

    I live in Jacksonville and was at the Sprint store Wednesday and the rep told me that when he got to demo the EVO he was getting 4G in parts of Jacksonville but not everywhere.
  4. Chazman

    Chazman Lurker

    I live in JAX. Not getting 4g where I live on the west side near the Navy base. I heard they were testing up near the airport. Also hear and read in the paper, 4g was planned in August.

  5. DaDoc04

    DaDoc04 Guest

    ^ same here Chaz........... im on the west side near the Navy Base and havent seen any 4G connects yet.

    Hopefully its up and running by august, that would be sweet.
  6. hchristians

    hchristians Newbie

    I live on the Westside also, not far from the Base, I live closer to Cecil Field though. But from what Radioshack employees told me, there is Wimax in OP mall, along with the repeater in their store. This was a Radioshack on 103rd near Walmart. It goes all the way to my house. which is about along Firestone, near the Wilson exit. and I get it right in my room. It's pretty awesome. from what I understand Phase 1 of deploying Wimax in Jacksonville, also the rest of Florida that was mentioned, will end in July. Then gradually, Phase 2 & 3 will start, which optimizes the network.

    PS. my 3G is pretty fast alone. I only use 4G to watch videos.
  7. ray3676

    ray3676 Newbie

    I have been through OP up to Dave and Busters and have not seen a 4g spot yet. And I am pretty much glued to my phone all day playing with it.
  8. wacktool

    wacktool Newbie

    Im in JAX as well, according to a report on first coast news and the sprint store where I got the phone, they both said August 1st isthe date we get it.

    Edit/PS: Im in Mandarin side of JAX for a point of reference and work at Baymeadows/95 (didnt see 4g there either).
  9. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    I live in Orlando, and when I arrived at Radio Shack to get my EVO at 5:45am. There was one of the girl associates talking to another guy waiting for the EVO (we were all waiting for the manager to arrive), and they said 4G in Orlando is "by November/December"

    I was so surprised, and I asked them "wait a minute, I've read that Orlando is getting 4G in the summer....NOT NOVEMBER!"

    But that's the info they had. "November, December at the latest".
  10. Jebus Christ

    Jebus Christ Well-Known Member

    Damn, I wonder if it will make it over to Tallahassee before I graduate next year. I doubt it though :(
  11. jimbomcgommy

    jimbomcgommy Newbie

    A buddy got the Evo day 1 and I was able to mess with it up at the Guard Base by the Airport. He had 1 bar of 4G there. I was at OP Mall yesterday showing the wife the Evo at the Sprint kiosk by the Food Court and they had 2 bars of 4G. From what Ive heard its in beta testing now so its going to be hit or miss until release sometime between now and Sept. Hopefully the get most of greater Jax. Should be interesting seeing as how Jax is the largest city in the contiguous US.
  12. Jere_Jones

    Jere_Jones Lurker

    I've gotten 4G reception on SouthSide near Baymeadows.

  13. linzgeneral

    linzgeneral Well-Known Member

    I had posted this in another Forum a couple days ago:

    I dropped by my nearby Corp Sprint store this afternoon to play with the EVO. I am in Jacksonville Fl and will be receiving mine mid next week if not on Monday. As I was playing with the phone, which is amazing by the way, I noticed that the 4G icon was showing instead of 3G. I also noticed that the internet was damn near instantaneous loading even larger sites in absolutely no time. I pondered why it was showing 4G when to the best of my knowledge and according to the most updated 4G maps I have seen, Jacksonville is not a 4G city. I called over a Sprint Rep and asked whether 4G was in Jacksonville. He mentioned something along the lines of yes because the 4G towers are already in place but they just need to officially complete.....
    I was just curious as to how many other cities not officially cited as having 4G might actually pick up the signal similar to Jville. Anyone know anything about this?[​IMG]
  14. emsand1

    emsand1 Lurker

    I received 4G service at 9A and North Main Street (Oceanway) but dropped as I hit 95S.

    I picked up 4G again around Gateway at 95S and dropped it again within minutes.

    Surprisingly, I could not get 4G going through downtown.

    I work across the street from the School board building and am 300 yards from 95 just after the Fuller Warren heading S and I get full 4G access.

    Now for the bad.....the 4G service offers no benefit at this time. I completed 5 tests within 15 minutes:

    1) 4G and Mobile Network On - 1.56Mb/s .43 up
    2) Mobile Network Off 4G On - 2.3Mb/s .46 up
    3) 4G Off Mobile Network On - 2.6Mb/s .34 up
    4) 4G and Mobile Network On - 2.02Mb/s .Error up
    4) 4G and Mobile Network On - 1.5Mb/s .23 up

    I had 4 months left on an AT&T/iPhone contract so cancelling it will cost me about $85. I live close to Black Hammock Island which is a weak zone; however, my iPhone picked up at least the Edge network there. I have no signal with EVO and Sprint. I have home phone service though. Do I keep the Sprint and EVO and hope the 4G is still not ready in spite of the EVO indicating full 4G is available or return it, keep the iPhone, and hope for better AT&T Androids soon? BTW, my iPhone's wifi crapped out 6 months ago so there is no chance I get another iPhone. Plus, I despise Apple's recent approach of restrictions.

    The EVO is absolutely outstanding BTW:)
  15. gww528

    gww528 Newbie

    +1 had it since the EVO release @ Southside & Beach Blvd
  16. infotekno

    infotekno Lurker

    I've had my phone for 3 weeks and driven throughout Jacksonville and there are working 4G areas. Orange Park is so far the best working area for me. Also I work on Southside Blvd ( Deerwood)and 4G is working in most of the area.
    Then there is Blanding from the Kingsley (Orange Park) to just about Solid Gold (club) on Blanding (Jacksonville) that is working. 4G is working in a lot of areas but patchy.
    This indicates that we may be real close for FULL 4G in Jax soon.

  17. There are places in J'ville, O.P., and Mandarin where you can get 4G, but it not "official". I was out at Jacksonville Beach and Atlantic Beach and got great 4G. I have been to a few places in O.P. where I can get it, and a few places on Westside. It is NOT widespread and according to the Sprint Store / Repair Center it is only up for testing purposes and not going to be available until beginning to mid-August.
  18. DaDoc04

    DaDoc04 Guest

    Im also getting the 4G signal from Mayport Naval Base going down Atlantic....
  19. saxologist

    saxologist Member

    At san pablo and atlantic cant get it...
  20. TheNewNetwork

    TheNewNetwork Newbie

    4g went official in Jax in October

    I get full bars of 4g all up and down jax beach
  21. saxologist

    saxologist Member

    Today had 4G at San Pablo and Beach is was nice and strong. Lose it at atlantic blvd

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