4G LTE, 3D, dual core HTC 4.3 (tee-hee)


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New Every Two in early December for me. So I'm hoping that either HTC or MOTO will (maybe) have a seriously high-spec, overloaded phone by then. THE WORKS... We just got 4G LTE in Syracuse NY, and so now I'm ready. After seeing a Nintendo 3DS, I'm hooked on stereo photos. Dual core is all the rage, so throw that in there too. Any chance that something like that will be out by then? Oh, and it has to have a gargantuan screen of course.

I don't mind carrying a "phone" that weighs in at over one pound, or more if it comes with a car battery. :D


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I haven't heard anything about Verizon getting 3D phones, but everything else you're looking for should be out in multiple flavors (HTC, Motorola, Samsung) by the end of this year.