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I see where AT&T announced they have the phone and will be selling it soon.. (Samsung Galaxy S2) can I ask a dumb question.. I have had mine for a few months not and love it but... I see the new phone doesnt have the home button on it like mine does (I love the home button) but they said it is 4G.... Is my phone I have now 4G... Just curious.. thanks everyone


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WOW that kind of sucks.. now I need to think should I sell it when the 4G one comes out from ATT or keep it lol wow..


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well if ur network supports 4G and u feel ur really gonna be using the higher speeds, i guess u could do that :) me, i wouldnt bother


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Well, the SGS2 is what AT&T calls "4G" in that it works on AT&T's HSPA+ network. I'm averaging around 4 Mbps downstream, but have gotten 7+ Mbps on occasion. Upstream speeds are around 1 Mbps.

My understanding is that the AT&T version of the SGS2, to be introduced sometime this month, will also be HSPA+ only; a LTE-friendly version may come later. The international LTE version of the SGS2, just announced by Samsung, would probably work on AT&T's LTE network.
How did you guys get data working on your phones? I got one today and I am on AT&T but i can only make calls, texts and connect to wifi. I can't get on the internet if I'm not on wifi. Do i have a setting wrong somewhere? AT&T can't help me