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4g speed on verizon with tethering on DROID and Flash 10 Rumor

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tsuagd02, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. tsuagd02

    tsuagd02 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I spoke with a Verizon rep last week who said 4G speeds are coming to Dallas/Fort Worth area in the near future-early 2010. Their 4G speeds will not be comparable to Sprints...my opinion and based on some research and Verizon's superior network. Based on our conversations with the tethering capability of the Droid, this may be the only internet we need (house connection gone). Of course the big question is what will Verizon charge to "legally" tether and has anyone heard anything more on this? Also, rumored Flash 10 is still looking like end of January??...so the rep says.

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  2. Fabolous

    Fabolous Superuser

    Good luck getting 4G on a 3G phone.
  3. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    4G needs to be supported in the hardware, as Fabolous said with great brevity. The Droid will not work on a 4G network, it's designed as a 3G phone and can't use the signal.
  4. tsuagd02

    tsuagd02 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    actually it's already been addressed by Motorola and Verizon...the update will cover 4g speeds, so it's good to go.
  5. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Flash 10 is only rumored to be coming out in January. The official word from Adobe is first half of 2010, so we may have to wait a bit longer.

    I'm still not sure what you're referring to. Upgrading the network alone does not allow 3G hardware to work on a 4G network. You need specific hardware to make use of that technology. It's completely different. Unless the Droid has some hidden innards that no one was told about, even on a 4G enabled network it's still going to only be able to work with 3G. Are you saying that the Droid does support 4G? Is there proof of that somewhere?
  6. ocman

    ocman Member

    LTE aka 4G will require new hardware from what I understand.
  7. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    Will voice and data be sent over 4G bands or will voice still be CDMA/1x? Or will VZ's 4G just not support SIM cards at all?
  8. bigbill25

    bigbill25 Newbie

    Verizon's 4G network is LTE and it will be in the 700MHz band. The Droid can't tune to 700MHz and even if it could, can't do anything with LTE...

    Now, the Droid 2 or whatever to be released in the future, that may work...

  9. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    I'm thinking its a "backwards compatibility" thing...Droid will still "be able to connect" to new network, but not operate at "4G speeds".
  10. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    Thanks for the specifics. I'm still trying to figure out what the OP was getting at when he said it had "already been addressed by Motorola and Verizon".
  11. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Android Expert

    I had an N97 on AT&T and it would read 3.5G!
  12. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    That's what I see on my Nokia N900 when I fire it up on T-Mo, but unfortunately, I'm only seeing 800-900kb at best. "Supposedly", their 7Mb service will be active in all of its "3G areas" by end of this year.
  13. rjoudrey

    rjoudrey Android Expert

    My N97 at 3.5G was about half as fast as my Droid.
  14. chippy

    chippy Well-Known Member

    I don't think OP knows what is going on.
  15. colnago

    colnago Android Expert

    More like "compatibility" (i.e., it will still "function", after VZ upgrades its network).
  16. black743

    black743 Newbie

    Honestly, its plenty fast on the data side as far as I'm concerned, I just want to be able to talk and use data at the same time. I hope that will take care of itself in the future...
  17. htowngtr

    htowngtr Well-Known Member

    LTE vs CDMA is a matter of frequency spectrum and hardware used to decode it

    the current Droid and all phones on the market don't support it
  18. CRPercodani

    CRPercodani OFWGKTA

    There is no room for debate on this, the DROID has a CDMA/EVDO capable radio that functions on 800Mhz and 1900Mhz frequencies. What they mean by backwards compatible is the a CDMA/EVDO phone will still work on LTE (well not on LTE, but they will keep the hardware on the cell towers for older phones). I have seen the teardown pictures for the DROID and it definitely does not have any LTE radios, for that matter we don't even have ANY LTE hardware here in the states yet.

    That said when LTE rolls out and a new DROID or whatever comes out it will be blazing fast with theoretical speeds of 100Mb/s and real world somewhere around 60Mb/s which is blazing fast. Most home use DSL lines are capable of like 9Mb/s and cable can push around 30Mb/s (correct me if I'm wrong) heck even docsis 3.0 cable does like 80-130Mb/s so considering LTE is a wireless standard that is pretty amazing.

    P.S. LTE will allow Voice and Data simultaneously, and actually it might be something like VOIP instead of basic Voice.

    Oh and Sprints "4G" (aka WiMax) SUCKS and has very very poor range.
  19. ocman

    ocman Member

    Im looking for the Article now but there is a small country already running LTE and the speeds posted were ridiculous fast.
  20. clos1084

    clos1084 Well-Known Member

  21. JediJesus

    JediJesus Android Enthusiast

    I didn't know LTE was that fast. Now I'm excited for next november when I get the new android phone.

    As for a tethered phone replacing my cable line, it wont happen unless Verizon takes away the 5 gb max. I streamed Angels and Demons on xbox live last week and it took up 10 gb.
  22. shadowdude777

    shadowdude777 Android Expert

    I'm kind of regretting getting the Droid now. I mean, now we get to miss out on 4G AND the Snapdragon processor. :(
  23. JediJesus

    JediJesus Android Enthusiast

    If you would of waited and bought those phones when they come out you will be saying the same thing. Im not sure about you but I get a new phone every year so I'm not worrying about what ill be missing in the coming months but what im gonna get next year.
  24. vincentp

    vincentp Android Expert

    There's no guarantee that the Verizon phone with the Snapdragon will support 4G though, plus it's going to take them time to build and complete the network so that it's actually useful in most areas. Don't get too down on yourself right now. By the time 4G is actually useful and handsets start to come out for it, it will probably be about time to upgrade your Droid anyways.
  25. Timaphillips

    Timaphillips Android Enthusiast

    Also, as customers move to 4G handsets, there will be more 3G for the rest of us. :D

    ...not that I've ever had any problems with my speeds.

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