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4G Speeds in San Antonio

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by mikebgb4, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. mikebgb4

    mikebgb4 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I got the EVO on launch day and I have tested the 4G speeds all over the city. I have managed to only get above 3Mb 3 times on the down with most tests in the 1.5 to 2.5 range. The up caps at 1MB with most tests approaching the cap. These tests have come from the phone itself and on 2 different laptops using the wired tether option. My question is why are the CLEAR modem users getting better speeds when we are all using the same network. My buddy gets 5MB to 6MB routinely on the down. Note -- Tests that I have tried have been near towers, I live less than 1/3 of a mile away from one. Any info or insight would be appreciated.



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  2. Yeah I would like to know more, because I will be getting this phone July 1st, and would like to know what kind of speed i'm getting myself into here in San Antonio.. the demo phone at the sprint store seem to go buy really fast.. but the many forums i have checked seem to point to the phone bottle necking their 4G speed.. this saddens me a little bit.. :(
  3. hopalee

    hopalee Android Enthusiast

    I live right outside of town and don't get 4G here, but on the occasions (since Friday morning LOL) that I've been in town, I tried to use it and it would just keep searching and never connected. I'll have to go to my parent's house sometime this week and check it out there.
  4. Wrxdrunkie

    Wrxdrunkie Member

    In san Marcos I get 3 down and 1 up. I feel like we have a soft cap or something. I have yet to see someone on austin san macros or san antonio that has gotten 5+ down. But I know people on CLEAR that get those speeds. Hopefully it gets better.
  5. rdegk15

    rdegk15 Well-Known Member

    I get slight coverage while im in my apartment. but when im out on the street near my house its pretty solid. havent gone any actual speed tests.
  6. bunnymud

    bunnymud Well-Known Member

    I'm in Houston and I get no change in speed when I turn on 4G, and I am in a 4G pocket. Is there anything official as to why some people are not getting good speeds from 4G?
  7. Dangerboy

    Dangerboy Newbie

    I live right off Bandera near Mainland and its hit and miss. Saturday night, I couldnt download an app off the store. Sunday, it hit 5 mpbs doing a speed test at my home but later couldnt even get a youtube video to load when I was out at the 151/410 area. So far, I am very unimpressed with 4g as it seems to not work much more than it works....
  8. hopalee

    hopalee Android Enthusiast

    I turned on the 4g today at my paren't house in the DeZavala/Babcock area. Inside the house, the speed test was slower than 3g. I tried it again at DeZavala and I10 and got 2.3 up and 0.95 down. :/
  9. senormatt

    senormatt Well-Known Member

    Sorry to bump this, but I was very frustrated I don't a 4G signal at all at my in-laws in SA. It's a couple of miles away from Babcock and Huebner/Prue area.

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