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4G Toggle for EVO - Free offer

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Calix, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    **** The 10 free copies have all been given away **** 10/30/2010


    To celebrate the launch of my newest app "4G Toggle for EVO", I wanted to give away 10 FREE copies to the first 10 forum members who download the app and follow the instructions below.

    The app is normally $.99 in Android market, so you will have to purchase it first and I can then issue a full refund to zero it out to the first 10 forum members.

    You will need to purchase it via Android Market, then please email me thru market with your billing name & forum username in the email. I will issue refunds to the first 10 members that email me, so you can keep the app for free!

    You will receive the newest version of "4G Toggle for EVO" which is v1.0. Unfortunately due to limitations in Android Market, when I release updates to the app you will not be able to receive them since I refunded your original purchase. If you choose to upgrade then Google will ask you to re-purchase the app. It's definitely worth it, I hope you will like it enough and decide to upgrade! If not you can keep the 1.0 version for free.

    Here is some info about the app before you buy:

    4G Toggle for EVO allows you to toggle 4G (WiMAX) on/off, even when using a 3rd party launcher like LauncherPRO or ADW!

    * Will NOT auto-enable 4G when you reboot! (like other 4G toggles)
    * 2 themes to select from


    Please Note:
    This widget will only work for the HTC EVO using a Sense ROM.


    Menu > Add > Widgets > 4G Toggle for EVO

    Scan the barcode with your Android phone to download:


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  2. What's the difference between this and the one my phone came with?
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  3. s_special

    s_special Android Enthusiast

    i second that.
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  4. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The difference is that if you use a 3rd party launcher like LauncherPRO or ADW, you will lose your stock 4G toggle widget. The built in toggle only works on the stock HTC Sense launcher.

    So if you download my app, you can use it with any launcher you like and never lose the ability to quickly toggle 4G with 1 touch!
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  5. Vincent Law

    Vincent Law Android Enthusiast

    No offense, but a button only needed on custom launchers is not worth 99 cents. Not to mention this whole refund business sounds real scammy. You could just as easily send the APK to the winners.
  6. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm sure that's your expert business opinion.. maybe not worth it for you, but maybe a bargain to someone else.

    Not a scam at all. I have a great reputation in the Android community. I would prefer not to send my paid app out in apk form, which could then be distributed freely.

    Not sure why you're filling my thread with negativity, Im just trying to make a nice offer to customers.
  7. Vincent Law

    Vincent Law Android Enthusiast

    If you have a great reputation in the Android community, I haven't seen it. It means nothing here, that's for sure.

    I'm just giving fair warning to the very sketchy practice for offering people this app for "free". Your app is distributed in APK form no matter what. If people wanted to pirate it, it's going to be pirated.
  8. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Android Expert

    Good job Calix. I see all sorts of toggles being sold for $.99. Nothing wrong with pricing your toggle within the expected prices.
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  9. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No warning needed, but thank you.

    - Jason Calhoun
    Jason Calhoun.com – Android Applications
    Developer Forum at Android Central: Jason Calhoun Apps - Android Forums
  10. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Guys chill.

    Calix is a legit & respected developer, a moderator on Sprintusers.com, and very generous to give this offer, even if you have no need for it.

    Thanks OP (Calix) for the offer! Your battery status widget is outstanding and I use it every day!
  11. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Android Expert

    Sadly I don't even have 4G yet where I live...hopefully soon so I can make use of any 4G widget... :eek:
  12. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thank you!

    If/when you get 4G in your area, just a reminder that the widget you're already using has a built in 4G toggle in case you need it :)

  13. lekky

    lekky Lover

    It's good to see devs coming out and offering things like this :)
  14. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Extreme Android User

    agreed. top notch Calix...

    I can't wait to start toying with developing things next month. I appreciate all you guys put in to this stuff!

    Calix...how will we know when you have reached the 10?

    regardless...dloaded...and look forward to trying it out!

    EDIT....oh and for the record...got a response to my email to Jason within minutes explaining how the refund process would take place...top notch!
  15. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the support everyone!

    Mr. Ed, I'll post here when all 10 free copies have been given out.
  16. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice

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  17. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The Epic source code does not contain the java classes required for 4G support, so for the time being it will only work for the EVO.

    If anything changes, I will update the widget to make it work with the Epic or any other 4G devices that come out.
  18. conor.in

    conor.in Well-Known Member

    Too bad this offer will be over before I get my Evo on the 9th. Sounds like a useful little widget.

    Thanks for the info on it, however, as I'll definitely purchase.
  19. marctronixx


    its a dollar! its not like the app is 20 bux. :p

    perhaps if you reaaaly really ask the dev nicely perhaps he will reserve one for you... ;)

  20. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    I agree, its really is commendable for a developer reaching out to members like this. Now in my case, I have the Sense and do not have Launcher Pro. I probably won't ever use launcher Pro so basically I do not have any need for for the widget, but I downloaded it and paid for it (its only $.99) for two reasons..
    1-To continue to support developers
    2-In the event I ever lose sense and do go with Launcher Pro, at least I have a widget to toggle on/off 4G.

    and no, I won't be asking for a refund or use the free offer. I'll let someone else take advantage of the offer.

    TS out
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  21. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks so much for the kind words and support, I really appreciate it!

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  22. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Perhaps indeeed! I will reserve one for him if he wants :)
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  23. KingFatty

    KingFatty Member

    The 'free' offer might seem "scammy" to some because a potential customer must make a purchase transaction before discovering whether he is one of the 10 to get a refund. He could therefore feel there is a risk of being 'tricked' into purchase, even though he had the set expectation that it would be free. Since he can't know beforehend if the item will be free until after he pays for it, it could be like the scam where there is a rebate offer but the company never fulfils the rebate offer (after all, nobody is omniscient enough to know whether he is buyer #10 with a rebate, or buyer #11 that get screwed. The seller is relying on that and going to get inflated sales based on suckering people to buy expecting a rebate.

    It's like a bait-and-switch tactic, or posting a sales ad with a really good deal that only turns out to be a 'typo,' or selling an item with a rebate offer that is bogus. These sort of scams are used by shady businesses to trick victims into showing up at their store. Since the victim already expended the effort of showing up at the store, the victim has an incentive to buy something to make the effort worthwhile (or so the scammer thinks - often times the victim is pissed off enough to never do business with the scammer again).

    Would you buy something with a rebate offer that may or may not get fulfilled, depending on how many people send in their form and whether they are faster to the post office than you? I don't think so.
  24. Calix

    Calix Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Please read what I said earlier in this thread:

    Also there is no risk, you have 24 hours to receive a refund thru Google if you feel uncomfortable. I have made the same offer on my other app in the SprintUsers forum, please read the great feedback I received from the many customers who promptly received their refunds/free copies of my app there.

    I'm making a free offer to help get the buzz out on my new app and to give back to the Android community. We are not talking about a computer or car here, its a $.99 app. Get over it, its a great free offer and if you don't like it then move on and go complain somewhere else.
  25. KingFatty

    KingFatty Member

    I'm not complaining, I'm trying to help you understand why some people, such as Vincent Law, will perceive your offer as scammy due to the characteristics of your offer. Your "get over it" attitude and failure to understand the situation I think will only reinforce the idea to some that something is not quite right - it smells funny.

    I think you overlook two things - there is a risk, and there is a race condition.

    1) there is a risk even if you receive a refund through Google - it's invested time. The parallel scam is where a gas station on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere will advertise something really good like free slice of pie to trick people to exit the highway and make a gas stop even though gas is higher priced than other stops. But, you get there and they don't have any pie and their gas prices are inflated. In this analogy, your viewpoint would be there is no risk to the drivers, because the people just get back on the road and buy gas at the next reasonably priced station. But there is a tangible loss in time and effort for the victims - the victims have to decide if they want to purchase gas now since they've already expended effort to make a stop. They have already invested, and have to decide if the higher price of gas at this stop will offset the future effort of having to make another stop.

    Similarly, with your offer, people will go through the effort of purchasing/installing, and then discover 'there is no pie' when they find out they are buyer #11, and have to go through the further effort of uninstalling and seeking a refund from google. They will consider if the further effort is worth losing the 99 cents and getting your app.

    2) there is a race condition even though you said you will announce when all 10 offers are used. You request me to read what you said earlier, but you fail to explain to readers that your earlier statement doesn't solve the problem of the race condition. Either you simply don't realize this, or you are pretty sly in that you are trying to suggest to readers that there is no race condition when you actually know there is. The race condition is something like this. Lets say Buyer #10 makes his purchase, and just as he sends his email to you, I make purchase #11. Your posting that the offer is closed will be of no help to me because it will not have shown up on this forum in time - I made purchase #11 before you even read the email from buyer #10.

    These two issues are related, in that the race situation requires that potential buyers have to continuously refresh the forum looking for your post, introducing more effort/investment that the buyer puts in to making a decision.

    You also talk about this not being a computer or car and it's only 99 cents. Well, that's what the gas station says about the missing free pie, hey it's only some pie, now buy my gas since you already went through the trouble of stopping. The flip side of your argument is that how can 99 cents help you as the seller, it's such a small amount, why not give away the app for free?

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