Help 4G?

So for those people living in FL, the 4G was recently turned on in parts like Miami, Fort Lauderdale and upper FL. Do you see any change in speeds? do any of you have an optimus M? If so is it faster? about the same? little better, considering the fact that metroPCS made a generation leap?


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the analogy I used in another forum seemed to click with people: the transition from b&w TV to color TV in the 60's.

When the networks (NBC was first) started broadcasting in color, it did not make the b&w TV sets get better reception nor did the b&w sets magically start seeing color.

You had to buy a new TV -- a TV that had the necessary circuitry -- to see the wonderful full color TV shows. The b&w TV sets still worked, it took a long while for those to fade away, but after a few years color TV sets became dominant.

The Optimus M is a b&w TV in this analogy. It will still work as designed, but will not increase in speed in any way while on the MetroPCS network, just because Metro turned on their LTE (color TV) network. The b&w TV cannot see color (LTE), and the color TV transmissions do not make the b&w TV better or worse. Metro's CDMA network is 1x (2G) -- and that is all the Optimus M can see while on MetroPCS. (Wi-Fi is a different story, but we are talking speeds on MetroPCS network.)

Somebody metioned Sprint. Metro does have a roaming agreement with Sprint so they can brag they have "nationwide" coverage -- but the roaming agreement is for throttled 1x so it matches Metro's network speeds.

Some have questioned if Metro LTE phones would get Sprint's 3G roaming speeds to match the 3G-type LTE speeds they are getting on Metro. You know, keep the same data experience? But while that has some customer satisfaction logic, that is not the case right now.


I just switched from MetroPCS with the LG Optimus M to AT&T with the HTC Inspire 4G
In my honest opinion there should not be a droid without it running on at least 3G speeds.
Mike, I know you are a huge user/fan of the LG Optimus M. But really when it comes down to it, that phone is only good when connected to a wi-fi hotspot. And I highly dout it's even on 2G. It's just on the same old network 1X as all the other MetroPCS phones.

In the end, all I can say is you have to wait and hope that this new "droid" that metropcs is bringing out is pretty nice on it's "4G LTE" But I'm pretty sure the old saying kicks in, you get what you pay for. I went from a $54.00 phone bill, to $94.00. Yes, I agree MetroPCS is a good deal, but in my eyes, it's only good if you talk and text. As far as web goes, forget out it. I'm not trying to rag on anyone for having Metro, I had them for 3 years. I'm just putting my two cents in.


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To each there own. The speed for websites is just fine with me. I typically only download apps while on wifi, but don't feel limited enough to deal with a double size bill and a two year contract.

FYI, 2G is the same thing as 1X. Many think that 1X is 1G, but it is not.