Root 5.5.999 Leaked Update


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Apparently someone cheesecaked a 5.5.999 update. Some people are speculating that this update might be the answer from Moto for us that may have strayed from the update path or for those who are testing for Moto. However in the thread many people who had 5.7.893 and reverted back to the 5.5.886 system have had failed attempts at using the update. It's possible this could be for those who have failed 5.5.893 updates. No one knows for sure. I am keeping an eye on this thread at Rootwiki to see what people are reporting.

Disclaimer: Not responsible for any damages to your phone if you choose to use this file.


That 999 is not a full revert ROM no matter what - it's too small, for one thing....

Plus it was already posted about in XDA near the end of Nov....

Oops, yeah, a poster in that thread also mentioned the XDA thread....