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5.9.902 is official!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by YeloSub7, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. billd

    billd Well-Known Member

    I tapped "Settings->About Phone->System Updates" and it told me it was available so now I have it. It will be nice if it stops crashing on dock/undock and if it makes the battery last longer. I really want ICS though to get Cisco AnyConnect without rooting.

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  2. That is easily solved with the device you have in your hand.

    You are looking at the All apps folder.

    Create a new folder like ... My Stuff
    Put entries in it for each app you care about and don't include what you consider to be bloatware.

    ... Thom
  3. Somniferum

    Somniferum Android Enthusiast

    I used to do that before I rooted ... problem is, every time you install a new app you have to remember to add it to the filter, which is a pain. A custom launcher like GO Launcher EX makes it easier by allowing you to EXCLUDE apps you don't want shown, instead of having to INCLUDE them. The newer version of Blur on the Razr also has that feature. I was hoping the Bionic might get it in an update, but no such luck.

    Personally I was also annoyed to see all those bloatware apps running in the background, taking up RAM, when I'd never even used them -- especially the Social Location app. It would eat up 30Mb or more which can be a serious problem when using Webtop. I'm very glad to have that sucker frozen. :p
  4. twistedlim

    twistedlim Android Expert

    Got the update this morning. 5.9.902.XT875,Verizon.en.US.

    Wow I now have Slingbox app at only $10 a month. :) Too bad it has come out now. Got fed up after 3 phones and am going to the darkside. That is right, the iphone is on the way. I gave my ipod to my daughter and was going to get another but decided to go the phone route since I picked up a new macbook. I will be "clouding" now.
  5. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    I just flashed the update and maintained root. Just a shot but did your last line in the forever root have a 4 in it?
  6. AurJohn

    AurJohn Well-Known Member

    Got 5.9.902 pushed to my bionic OTA this morning! Woohoo

    Also - update installed fine, status shows System Version 5.9.902.XT875.Verizon.en.US
    And still rooted!! Thanks to all who provided the "get back on the OTA path process" back in Dec.
  7. Britney

    Britney Member

    Received the 902 update this morning at 5am. Installed into my phone, however, I am still showing 5.5.893.xt875. My system updates is greyed out. No change on the phone.
    Any ideas?

  8. Somniferum

    Somniferum Android Enthusiast

    Did it reboot and go through the update process after downloading the file?
  9. 902 just OTA'd to my phone :D

    downloading right now
  10. marine one

    marine one Well-Known Member

    It's looking more and more like that's what I'm going to end up doing. One question. If I want to forever root while doing this, should I apply that before or after the 5.5.893 zip file?
  11. Britney

    Britney Member

    Downloaded, verifies update....then nothing. No reboot. I manually rebooted, but no change.

  12. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Android Enthusiast

    Don't forget the new mog player you have a well!

    Thanks for the bloat!
  13. milrtime83

    milrtime83 Android Enthusiast

    I don't have a link I can post, but the email sent out to feedback network participants said they would accept the first 1000. And then on the private forum they have us sign into to post feedback there is a post saying up to 20,000 "bionic owners" will get the update.
  14. Somniferum

    Somniferum Android Enthusiast

    You could try applying the update manually -- either with the OTA file if it's still on your SD card, or using the file I posted. The instructions and file are upthread. Keep in mind that this is unsupported though, so if you're not the DIY type you might just want to take your Bionic to a VZW store and have them look at it.
  15. Britney

    Britney Member

    Update installed six hours after it was downloaded. Everything seems fine so far. will report in 24 hours.
    Thanks again.
  16. amageus

    amageus Android Enthusiast

    Checked my phone for update and finally got it. Defrosted all my bloatware and ran the install but it failed. Really didn't give me any reason as to why? I am using the unofficially leaked .901 update. Prior to that I was off the path on 5.7.893 before getting back on the right path. I will look for some other solutions and get back on here to report.

    update: I just reread the whole thread and found the post about those who manually installed the .901 update. Got the smaller .901 to .902 update. Installing now. And...my update failed (E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip). So I tried 2 different files and getting errors on both of them. Trying a FXZ restore to install .902. Apparently I am one of the few that has problems with the .902 update.
  17. Somniferum

    Somniferum Android Enthusiast

    Just to rule it out -- you are using stock recovery, correct? Not Bootstrap or Safestrap?
  18. pj200105

    pj200105 Lurker

    For anyone interested. I was on .901 un-rooted and it was not pushed to me. I download online and installed. And I just got .902 OTA.
  19. MtnbikerChk

    MtnbikerChk Android Enthusiast

    FYI I just updated OTA .902 and watchdog started going nuts giving me alerts on the android media process.

    After some googling I cleared the data on my media storage

    settings/application/manage applications/all, click on "media storage", and then "clear data"

    seems to be ok so far......
    Somniferum likes this.
  20. Somniferum

    Somniferum Android Enthusiast

    Thanks, that's a good tip!
  21. DanDroide

    DanDroide Android Enthusiast

    .902 is now available ....check your phone for updates!
  22. amageus

    amageus Android Enthusiast

    Now that I think about it I had Bootstrap installed. I already did the FXZ recovery to 5.5.893 and successfully rooted the phone with some minor difficulties with the script. I installed 5.9.902 on top of that and so far so good no problems with root.
  23. rcaine

    rcaine Well-Known Member

    Checked and found my update this morning. Install went fine but I'll wait about 24 hours to report in. So far no noticeable changes.:D:D:D
  24. global2

    global2 Well-Known Member

    Just went to updates in settings and 902 was waiting for me. Downloaded no problem - but the install stalled at about 75%. Then about two minutes later - it finished install and re-powered up. Nerve wracking two minutes! But what is my first message?? Sorry, unable to connect. Please try later!!! So sad, it's funny.
  25. so, my 4g connection is still iffy at best :(

    Verizon's 4g map has the Nashville area completely covered, so I know 4g is available

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