Help 5 months old battery utter rubbish



My DESIRE's 5 months old battery is utter rubbish.

At 11pm I switched the phone to airplane mode and connected it to the charger.
At 7am I disconnected the phone from the charge and disabled airplane mode. After 5min of browsing through the menus/market with only the WIFI turned on and mobile network turned OFF the battery went from 100% to 90%.
Needless to say that by 15:00, the phone batter will have been dead with almost no phone usage, since I will be at a seminar.

I am using stock 2.2 froyo.

ps. Tried this with no success:


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It's been widely discussed on here that the battery % drops to under 90% within a few minutes of unplugging the phone. It is normal due to the way the charging system operates and it does not mean that your battery is rubbish.

Have you had the phone for 5 months as if so I'm surprised you haven't noticed this before? It certainly doesn't mean that your battery will be dead by 3pm and if it is you need to investigate what is using your battery if it's not you!

It does help if you unplug your charger and then plug it back in again straight away for a few minutes. Often when you unplug it in the morning the light will be green indicating it is fully charged, then turn to red when you plug it back in again. Topping it up in this way should mean that you don't get those sudden drops to 90% or less.