Root 50 dollar Backflip off of Craigslist - Should I?

I am a newbie when it comes to the android phones. I bought a g1 for 50 off of craigslist and it was rooted, I LOVE IT. I bought another for my daughter and now thing I might like it better than my BB 8900 and I'm a Blackberry fanboy for the most part :(

Anyhow I have heard ALOT of bad things about the Backflip but all are from stock firmware users. I want t know does is the Backflip, rooted worth getting?

I'd like to hear from people who own other android phones besides the backfip , I figure they will have more of a baseline comparison.

There are other phones, like the Cliq and the Nokia Nurion(sp?) that I can get for around the same amount. Are they any good?

Just dont want to get a piece of crap when I'm in the honeymoon stage of Android and my relationship.