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50% signal, battery life & audio loss. Is this the fix?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by turilla, May 22, 2010.

  1. turilla

    turilla Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Running 2.1 OTA since 5/14 and have had the audio loss, 50% signal issues and horrible battery life. Airplane mode fix helped signal but did nothing for battery life.

    After trying various setups from factory wipe to running with no apps I finally found something that fixed (or seems to have fixed) all the problems. Been running 3 days with no audio loss, less than 10% time without signal (with no airplane mode trick) and the battery not dying after 8 hours.
    Have not had any adverse affects, still getting all my calls, emails and messages.

    Under *#*#4636#*#* my phone was set to GSM auto (PRL) on the Set preferred network type dropdown. Changed to CDMA auto (PRL) and now the phone actually can be used as a phone and gets great battery life. Rebooted phone, not sure if that is necessary but figured it doesn't hurt.

    Has worked great for me, just changed my wife's eris this morning and it seems to be working on hers also. Anyone else want to try this out to see if this works on their phone to resolve some of the issues?

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  2. Have you found any ill effects on 3G?
  3. turilla

    turilla Lurker
    Thread Starter

    None at all. Have the 3G icon on the notifications bar all the time. No noticeable slowdown when downloading apps or browsing the web. I have no way of benchmarking it but no ill effects so far.
  4. Ciggy

    Ciggy Well-Known Member

    mine is already set to what you changed yours to and i experience these problems also ;(
  5. jerrmy

    jerrmy Lurker

    I'm not sure thats true.. I checked mine, and I'm on leak v3, and mine was already set to CDMA auto (PRL) and I have been having the no sound issue
  6. I found a bug in 2.1 thats not present in 1.5.. when in that #*#*4636#*#* settings, hit phone info, then menu then selet radio band and it FC.
  7. turilla

    turilla Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Yeah mine FC's when I press Select radio band also.
  8. I re-verted back down to 1.5, no issues on 1.5.. I think this has something to do with the 50% time without signal bug as well.
  9. jayochs

    jayochs Android Enthusiast

    sorry to sound dumb, but what is this audio-loss bug i'm hearing here?

  10. No need to apologize, Be happy you don't know what it is first hand. it's arising much more in 2.1, but i guess a few rare cases of 1.5. But people are having audio loss every which way when answering calls, or trying to make calls. One way or another they lose audio, caller can't hear them, they can't hear caller, and a reboot is necessary to fix.. until it happens again.
  11. jayochs

    jayochs Android Enthusiast

    crap! i have this :(

    i made a call to a friend last night....i didn't hear the phone ringing noise, but ti looked like the call went through.....i called three times, and i just heard NOTHING, couldn't even hear my own microphone through the phone

    i restarted, and it worked...later on that night, she made me well aware that she answered the phone the times i called, and i had to apologize because i just thought the call didn't go through :\ damn.....
  12. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Return your Eris for a replacement.

    There is no way I would keep a phone that does not function reliably as a telephone, the primary reason for its existence.

    Trying to search out remedies for such a serious bug may cure the problem in your device, and maybe only temporarily.
  13. timmywa

    timmywa Well-Known Member

    When I did the code above, my mode was set to evdo only. I changed it to cdma auto rebooted and it gave me the 50% bug right away. I'm more curious how mine was on evdo only in the first place.
  14. paleodust

    paleodust Android Expert

    That's the main reason I dropped T-Mobile and switched to Verizon in the first place. My T-Mobile Blackberry Curve 8320 had that same problem. So did it's two replacements. They never could solve it for me so they eventually let me out of my contract so I could go somewhere else. I chose Verizon because they are supposed to be reliable.

    I hope I don't end up with the no audio bug here, too! (Knock on wood. ;))
  15. paleodust

    paleodust Android Expert

    I did notice that I have the 50% signal bug now, after the OTA. Do I have to put it into airplane mode every time I boot it up now? I read that someone suggested that it doesn't actually cause any problems but my battery life is definitely suffering from something. It's pointed to as the main culprit in the battery usage history, though. I'm not sure what the make of that. Is it really just a false alarm or is it really eating up battery unnecessarily (I've got a good signal). :thinking:
  16. hurley710

    hurley710 Newbie

    Mine almost always has 50% time without a signal. I figured since it was the bug, it'll always be 50%. Does anyone else ever see it fluctuate at all? Yesterday I saw it was at 52% and today its back to 50%.
  17. zeroleonheart

    zeroleonheart Member

    Mine has never been higher than 50%. Also, I looked at my settings, and the phone was set to CDMA already.

    I was hoping this was the issue. My Eris is mint, and I don't want a replacement...
  18. turilla

    turilla Lurker
    Thread Starter

    After a few more days running it like this I have not had the audio bug at all with a lot of phone use, 8% time without signal, battery life is much better but still not getting as much life as I got out of it on 1.5.
  19. Barren

    Barren Newbie

    I'm having the no sound bug issue now since OTA 2.1.... but I'm a little lost.. what is *#*#4636???? I don't follow that code.
  20. WineJones

    WineJones Member

    Go to dialer. Type *#*#4636#*#*. Don't Press Call. Wait.

    The phone will switch to a "testing" mode.

    Under Phone Information, you can scroll down to a drop down box with options like, CDMA auto (PRL), CDMA only, EvDo only, GSM/CDMA auto (PRL) etc.

    Hope this helps.
  21. thenestor

    thenestor Android Expert

    That fixes the 50% bug, but only because it's equivalent to putting the phone in airplane mode for a moment. I had seen this suggestion on XDA and tried it on my old (silent bugged) phone, and still got the silent bug.
  22. Barren

    Barren Newbie

    So, is the real answer to complain to Verizon to have them send me a new phone?
  23. Bluemumba

    Bluemumba Member

    I use to have the 50% bug and still have the silent call issue. But I *228 #1 and #2 after hard reset and the problem went away. But silent call still there from time to time. Depends on if I use speed dial or not. But I do a soft reset every morning and it seems to work fine.
  24. bsutton1

    bsutton1 Android Enthusiast

    I just went to a Verizon store about these bugs that I have experience also. This kid who worked there has an Eris too. He basically just did a couple of programs to my phone. Updated my roaming and something else.. I'm not sure. Then he asked if I have adv task killer. I told him I use to have it but don't use it. He said I should use it as it will help make my phone work better. He put it on my phone. I don't ever use it. I didn't really care. Then he told me that if it lags or has any audio problems, that I should take the battery out and put it back in to reset it. :rolleyes:
    Then he said if I have anymore problems to go to a corporate store so that a tech can look at it.
  25. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra=

    Not bad advice and actions, bsutton, with the exception of the task killer app he put in there. Sort of a beginner's outlook on the situation, I guess.

    Sounds like he was doing his best.

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