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Jul 9, 2010
southeast Michigan
I have a new, rooted Pixel 7 and Google Fi is my service provider. The reason the phone is rooted is to run AdAway - everything else is normal.

I noticed that when the phone indicated a 5G connection, Google Maps stopped working - no update on zoom in, no ability to give directions, etc. I did some searching and it was suggested to clear the cache and the data. I did this and Google Maps again seems to function properly when 5G is indicated.

However, I noticed the same issue with Enjoy Sudoku. When 5G is indicated, it cannot download a new puzzle and will not create one locally. While I could, again, clear the cache and the data, I would prefer to not do this because (I suspect) that my history would be lost.

So, the questions are this: Why on earth is the phone behaving strangely when there is a 5G connection? Are there any changes I can make to make this issue go away? Is there anything I can do, other than clear the cache and the data, so that Enjoy Sudoku works? Thanks.
I have a Pixel 7 with Google Fi and I use Google maps a lot but I have never had any problem with 5G stopping Google maps, nor have I ever cleared the cache or data from Google maps. The only thing different is my phone isn't rooted, nor do I have AdAway. Nothing else I can think of.
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