6-port USB charger with 2.4A output to charge all mobile devices at same time


I got the Axgio PowerSlot L6U USB charger 2 weeks ago and it has been working very well. Before that I had tried a 4-port charger, which, with output current value of 1.5A, charged my full-size iPad very slowly though it dealt with iPhone and iPad Mini quite well. I got interested in the Axgio stuff when I saw it had an output of 2.4A though it is the total for 2 USB ports. I asked the customer service girl what the value will be If only one of them was working. She said it would be 2.4A if the device could bear the current. That made me pay the money.


To be specific, the Axgio PowerSlot L6U has 6 USB ports which the seller claims can work at the same time. Of all the ports, U1 and U2 share a total output current of 2.4A; so do U3 and U4; and each of U5 and U6 have an independent output of 1A, respectively.

When I had the charger in my hand, the first thing I did was to test it with my iPad 4. I connected the iPad to the L6U through the port U1, and my tester showed that the charger injected about 2A current into the device, or 2.2A when the display was awake. I was quite excited that at least my iPad could be charged at a normal speed. But the result posed a new question whether there was current left for U2.

With the iPad 4 still on, I was trying to charge my iPhone 5. When it was plugged in, the charging failed with the iPhone keep connecting and disconnecting again and again. So I replaced the iPhone with a mobile power bank and was happy to see the two stuffs being charged simultaneously without any interruption. Then the current values for iPad and the power bank were about 1.9A and 0.8A, respectively, or 2.0 A and 0.8A when the iPad display was awake. That means the U1 and U2 ports have a max output of 5V by 2.8A totally, and that


That's great, and i also got similar one, there are 6 ports, it charge for iPhone 6 , 5, 5S, 5C, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Galaxy S5, S4, Note 2,3,4, HTC One M7, M8, Nexus, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Tab 4, Kindle Fire and Much More.



There are many similar products on Amazon, this one if too expensive compared with others, but it do looks good and convenient.