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$600 budget. What phone should I buy?

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by omni, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. omni

    omni Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hi everyone. I am a former WinMo user.
    I was excited to hear about WP7, but I became so disappointed at what they made the new phone into. To me, it seems like an over-glorified iPhone for built for those who have never seen a smart phone before.

    Anyways, I'm looking to switch to Android. I use AT&T US, and to be honest, I hate the phones that AT&T has. I'm looking to buy on unlocked and I have set a budget for $600. I am right now considering the HTC Desire, but I was just wondering if there are other phones out there that are better and within the price range.


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  2. Kabob

    Kabob Android Enthusiast

    Wow, that's a huge chunk of change to throw down. If you're not hooked on AT&T it'd be cheaper to break your contract and sign up with Verizon (or whoever).

    As for the phones, if you must stick with AT&T I'd look at the Captivate, there's not as many "unlocked" Android phones.
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  3. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Android Expert

    Just avoid Samsung.

    I'm starting to notice a pattern with all of my recent posts :p
  4. omni

    omni Newbie
    Thread Starter

    The thing is, I want to stick to a GSM phone provider. I don't use data much and I will get a phone without data. I use mainly WiFi so it wont make a difference to me if I use 2g or edge or something. I like HTC a lot.
  5. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Android Expert

    Then scratch everything on sprint. I'm pretty sure all androids require a data plan... The evo 4g and epic 4g definitely do...
  6. Kabob

    Kabob Android Enthusiast

    I think all providers do, I think his goal is to get a phone second hand and not activate the data plan part, I'm not sure if it's possible though.
  7. Outlaw.99

    Outlaw.99 Android Enthusiast

    ATT doesnt even work in my area ,so I would really try to find a nice original used Droid ( I have bought mint ones up here) and use the rest to get out of the ATT contract.... They may even give you a guranteed like new one with a sign up at Verizon...
  8. omni

    omni Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Not really second hand. I just want to buy a an unlocked phone because the ones provided by AT&T are garbage. I'm looking at the HTC desire, but I guess that's the phone I will get.
  9. IndivisibleP

    IndivisibleP Well-Known Member

    I bought a Nexus One semi-used (it was given to developer by Google who briefly tested some software on it and then sold it for 400$). This thing was basically in untouched condition when I got it and I have been really happy with it ever since.

    Anyway I would suggest this. Get an unlocked phone (HTC seems good. I get the impression they are really trying to capitalize on the Android platform and are putting a lot into their phones, my Nexus One feels solid and well built, although honestly I havent handled their other models).

    I know you can find factory unlocked HTC phones on Amazon for under 600, and surely some on ebay, although they may be slightly used (or to whatever degree).

    Anyway call at&t and tell them, "your rates are high and I am not satisfied with your services." Quote them some prices from other providers and tell them you are switching because they are cheaper. My friend did this, and they immediately quoted him a price and plan which matched the opposition but wasnt officially offered by them anywhere that you can find. I would give this a try (although I dont what role the differences between his contract and yours may play).

    You can quote tmobile for example. They offer a 30$ /month plan for talk only (smartphone or not). This is what I use. Its 500 "anytime" minutes a month which keep carrying over as long as you keep the plan active. There is also no contract so you can discontinue it any time. If you want a data plan along with that, they only offer an unlimited plan for smartphones which comes to 60$/month for unlimited talk, text, and web.

    Basically you want at&t to offer you a sim card only plan. Dont let them get involved in the fact that you have a "smartphone" because then they will want to pitch you xyz and blah blah blah about data plans , etc. Which is really none of their business unless you want it to be. Just tell them "I have my own unlocked phone, what are the service options you can provide me? If they arent to my liking or better than my other options I want to go somewhere else." See what happens...

    By the way the desire looks good to me. Here is an unlocked one from Amazon.

    I imagine its possible one or two more cutting edge Android phones may appear before Christmas, but if waiting to see what happens is out of the question, I would go for an unlocked desire or Nexus One, if you can find it.
  10. alextop30

    alextop30 Android Expert

    I had huge problems with AT&T policy on smart phones. Their policy on unlocked phones is the same as if you buy the phone from them. When the sim card is plugged in before you gain any sort of coverage the system grabs your IMEI number. This helps the operator identify your phone type and "prepare a proper data plan for you". There is no way to run away from that with AT&T. Even when you disable the data they still know what phone you are using so they can rip you off. That is why i say you should go with T-mobile better phones better terms.
  11. xzillerationer

    xzillerationer Well-Known Member

    If you're looking for a GSM network, dump AT&T, go with T-Mobile. Then, buy a G2, and rock your world with one of the greatest Android phones in the world... (pun intended)
  12. omni

    omni Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys.
    I will try to do what indivisible suggested.

    But yeah, that's something that is really pissing me off as well; how they try to harp out as much cash as they possibly can. Isn't there any android app that will block this or give them one of my other phone's IMEI numbers?
  13. My friend bought a used iphone and then activated it because he didnt need the internet(data) and at&t didnt charge him they just kept him on his original plan he was on
  14. DKYang

    DKYang Android Enthusiast

    If you can wait, then wait for the supposed news of the "Nexus 2". Rumors say Samsung will be making it and they are having a keynote on the 8th of Nov. which isn't that far off. If it turns out to be false, then you can aim for another phone or wait till an actual "Nexus 2" is release, if it'll ever happen.
  15. omni

    omni Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone!
    I have actually just placed my order at Amazon.com for the HTC Desire. I should expect it by the 10th of November, since it is in back order right now.
  16. JevyJav

    JevyJav Well-Known Member

    No offense but are you crazy!!!! Google is about to drop a unlocked nexus 2 any day now and you go off and buy a desire?????? Android 2.3 is coming out stock for the nexus one and soon to be released nexus 2 and you order a desire???????? I mean its a good phone and all but your timing and logic are all off. The nexus model(s) are at the front line of android they are 100 % stock android o.s. Straight from google with no carrier or manufacturer tampering. The nexus series serves as google's dev phone and because they are stock and under google's wing they receive updates as soon as google releases them. Obviously you haven't been keeping up with the news but google is about to drop a successor to the 1st nexus which will no doubt be unlocked with balls hanging out (rumor has it that it's dual core "orion processor"). Have fun with your desire... And good luck with your updates ;-)
  17. Some people dont always need the latest and greatest maybe the desire in their minds is the perfect phone for them. Just because you would want the newest thing doesnt mean everyone does
  18. omni

    omni Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Are you crazy?
    Do you see who's making the Nexus 2? And what part of "$600 Budget" did you miss?
    And I like HTC and the "tamperings" they do to other OSes. That's why I bought a Desire. And trust me. There's nothing out there that will need dual core processing. I have a laptop for that.
  19. JevyJav

    JevyJav Well-Known Member

    Lol yes this is true and I apologize if you or anyone took the tone of my message in any negative way. I just simply wanted to help out and make sure you were making an informed decision which we now know you have made. I've never owned a desire personally but from everything ive read it is an awesome phone and definitely one of the top android phones made so far.
  20. omni

    omni Newbie
    Thread Starter

    lol, sometimes I get over-excited too.
  21. IndivisibleP

    IndivisibleP Well-Known Member

    Man I am as excited as you about this possible phone and boy do I ever want to believe...

    But almost all of this is highly rumored. I mean other than the fact that Samsung is having an event soon and Android 2.3 is somewhere on the horizon, everything else is basically hearsay, if not extreme hearsay. After Eric Schmidt came out and publicly announced that the Nexus 1 was the end of Googles smartphone ventures, I have been trying to keep reserved in my willingness to believe any unconfirmed wispers about a Nexus 2 (I dont want my heart broken... :( )

    heheh, no but really, if i start thinking like that and then a nexus two doesnt come, i'll be pissed at the world. If I think like I am now, and it does come I be besides myself with joy... you get the idea.

    But man do i hope... :rolleyes:
  22. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Man... if only I had one of those awesome phones....

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  23. iavswn

    iavswn Well-Known Member

    I checked out every phone verizon, t mobile, sprint, and at & t has when I was ready to upgrade. They were all under $600.00. So you should not need to spend that much to get a really cool phone.
  24. iavswn

    iavswn Well-Known Member


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